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Thursday, August 16, 2012

POST 686: 08/16/12: SALVO, OUTER BANKS, N.C.

My five minute walk to Pastor Steve's home this morning resulted in another bunch of mosquito bites. Angry now, I drove to near by ACE HARDWARE, where I purchased a bottle of "what the locals use": CUTTER BACKYARD BUG CONTROL. Returning home, hooked up Linda's hoses to my bottle of Cutter and sprayed the yard grass until it was well soaked.

...first, put on long thick pants, long sleeve shirt, Aussie Hat and Betty's Bee Net.

Have not seen a mosquito since spraying.

So, since I was already dressed for bug protection, cranked up Linda's lawn mower and finished cutting the grass.

Today's other achievement has been to strip out the entire Food Pantry building. Mixing up a solution of antiseptic and water, washed down all the shelving and the concrete floor. The concrete is impossible to keep clean...sweep it 6 times and then once again still results in a dust pan full of, I again trundled back to Ace Hardware where I purchased a gallon of cement paint which I will apply on Monday.

Cleaning the shelving, ran into a few undesirable crawling critters...some of which escaped me. So, I have set off a bug bomb inside...after first removing food items. Must wait 4.5 hours before entering the closed space. Will then again wash everything down in preparation for arrival of new food items tomorrow morning.

Food Pantry customers will begin arriving around 9:30 am, so will be busy this evening and in the morning. Will accompany a driver to the local Food Lion Grocery Store at 7:00 am, pick up the food set aside for our Food Pantry, drive the 35 miles back to Salvo, unload, sort, and stock the newly sparkling shelves before opening up for clients.

Wearing my anti-mosquito get up today resulted in bites only to my hands. All else was protected...even tho many mosquitoes swarmed around my head, they could not get thru the bee net.

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