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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On a beautiful 85 F. sunny Bellingham day, I remain a cripple...cripple in that since the leg has finally lost most of it's swelling, I can visible see the extensive damage received from the Shin Splint injury while walking North Dakota.

Since stepping off the fish processing assembly line, it is now 1.5 weeks.  Understanding that ALL my medical care - beyond MEDICARE - has been terminated, there is no "professional" care available.  My VA application is pending, but for the moment I am dependent upon my own observations and - after referring to medical books - my self-determined treatment.  Damage to the left leg / foot is as follows:

!.  TENDON OF EXTENSOR HALLUCIS LONGUS (left leg) has torn adjacent to the ankle bone.  The tendon is present retaining a small marble size lump which is sensitive to touch, especially to rubbing from shoe while walking.

2. TENDONS OF EXTENSOR DIGITORUM LONGUS (for toes # 2, 3 and 4) have also received stress tears, with all three tendons still locally swollen with pea size bumps sensitive to touch.  Swelling for toe #2 is significant enough to make it difficult to put on a shoe...and is sensitive to even short walks (5 - 10 minutes).

The toe tendon tears appear to be at the splice point of the tendon and the muscle lying above the metatarsals.

#2 metatarsal swelling is pronounced, leading me to suspect potential bone damage, as that point of injury is NOT appearing to improve.

Bottom line:  I seem to have sustained severe damage...compounded by standing 10 - 13 hour shifts in one spot, resulting in the entire foot and leg to the knee swelling to calf-size.

Now that the swelling has mostly gone down, the damage is visible.  Any bone damage is not visible without X-Ray, but if the bone were broken, pain should be much more severe than it is.

Needless to say, I am walking only as absolutely necessary; I.e., driving to the supermarket every three or four days.

In the interim, I stay in the apartment, icing a couple times a day, using arch-supported house slippers on carpeted floors .  To keep blanket pressure off the foot, a full size pillow is used to support the bed cover(s) away from the foot.

Because of the injury, I am leaning toward a 6-month renewal of the apartment lease...then put everything into storage, and returning to the roads as a homeless walker.  The $$ saved from having no rent to pay should make it possible to continue walking with little or no $$ pain.  I remain in good spirits, confident that the injuries will heal quickly and properly.

Perhaps during the next 6 - 7 months, I will be fortunate to discover a "sit-Down" job to help pay medical bills incurred during the past 3+ years.

I appreciate the expressions of concern.  Will continue to post every few days...and in event of any significant moments.

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