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Monday, November 25, 2013



Planned route of SAM and ME beginning January 01, 2014, is shown in the color Orange.

We plan to begin walking and rolling counteer-clockwise at the USA / CANADA Border Crossing at the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington...some 26 miles north of Belligham, Washington, with our first destination being Bakersfield, California, some 1,800 miles distant.

This route is approximately 4,500 miles.

Duration is approximately:   5.5 months = May 15, 2014

This route crosses two deserts and numerous mountain (Rocky and Cascade Mountain) passes reaching 7,000 to 9,000 feet above sea level.

SAM and ME will walk Solo:  That is, we will have NO support.

Because of the great variety of topography, temperatures, and long empty expanses - up to 100 miles - between civilization(s)...where supplies / shelters can be found, we have decided that SAM and ME will provide our own transportation; i.e., our 1995 MAZDA MPV will accompany us for the entire walk.

SAM  and my sleeping space fit nicely together inside our MPV - let's call her "SPIA-2" (Seniors Performing Incredible Acts -2).

Employing SPIA-2 will allow nightly protection, water, food, plenty of clothing, electricity at all times to operate our computer, and the knowledge that SPIA-2 will always be within a three-hour-walk away...absolutely critical in the event of injury somewhere out in the boondocks.

Since before 1900 a.d., approximately 185 walking / running crossings coast to coast have been recorded...with approximately 40 individuals completing 2 or more crossings.  SAM and ME have completed 4.75 crossings so far.  Upon completion of our next walk, we will have completed 6 + (or equivalent) crossings.

2.5 of my prior crossings included SPIA-1, our mini-Toyota Motor Home.  How, one might ask, can we both walk and drive a vehicle at the same time.  After some 2,000 miles of trial and error, we worked out this scheme:

     1.  Park SPIA at Point A.
     2.  Walk and Roll 10 miles which is half way to Point B.
     3.  Walk BACK to Point A (to fetch SPIA); completing 20 miles.
     4.  Drive SPIA with SAM on board to Point B and park.
     5.  Walk and Roll 5 miles, which is half way to Point C.
     6.  Walk and Roll BACK to Point B (to fetch SPIA); completing another 10 miles.
     7.  Drive SPIA (with SAM) to Point C...park for the night.

     This will complete one day's effort of 30 miles.

The next day, repeat the process.  Miles between Points will change depending on logistics and how efficient we walk and roll.  Steep hills (up or down) and inclement weather takes more time and effort.

It also happens that finding a safe place to park SPIA is difficult.  My guideline is that we be settled for the night one hour before sundown.

There is discussion going on with my landlord to find a way in which we could somehow maintain our apartment for the duration of this walk...something like 6 months.  Frankly, such a solution does not look good; i.e., SAM and ME are anticipating being homeless by the end of 2013.

SPIA-1      Our tiny motor home...circa 2011.

SPIA-1...with SAM riding on her platform...circa. 2011


skeeterraz said...

This makes me feel a little bit better that you have some place warm to stay at night and a backup plan should you encounter a injury. I don't like that you will be homeless at the end of this year. Safe travels and keep the posts coming as I am still following you and hope that if you get back up towards MN that you get a hold of me or within an hour or so away from me that you would call so I can meet up with you. Happy Thanksgiving and please take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Good to get your post