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Monday, December 23, 2013


Yesterday, Sunday, December 22, 2013, I was released from the hospital.  

I checked myself into ER on Thursday, being unable to breathe while lying down.  ER determined that there was considerable "water" in my lungs, with the heart not being strong enough to pump it out; i.e., the heart was producing at only 30% efficiency.

Further tests - electronic and psychical - determined that of the six arteries making up the heart itself, two were inoperable from the 1995 heart attack; two were currently nearly plugged with plaque; and two arteries seemed to be OK for duty.

A procedure was run on the two nearly plugged arteries, resulting in insertion of two "stents" inside the arteries, designed to hold the artery open to allow blood to flow into the heart.

(That means that in 1995, no attempt was made to treat the arteries damaged by the 1995 heart attack).

How do I feel?   A bit tentative!  When I was wheeled out of the hospital, my right knee was VERY sore....and I had been suffering from a headache since returning from the operating theater the evening before.  Upon driving myself home yesterday, sight in both eyes blurred...and I felt weak and unsteady on my feet...could I have suffered a concussion???

I welcomed an invitation to a wonderful dinner - I was very hungry from not eating yesterday.

This morning, Monday, December 23, the knee is VERY sore to bend.  The headache is gone. Eyes are somewhat impaired - I see floating images ... some even revolving...images that are not there ! 

While being transferred from the "trolley" to the operating table, an inflatable rubber bladder was quickly (I mean instantly) inflated under my body; my body was vaulted into the air, it was grabbed by the two attendants and "floated" onto the operating table...only this time, they overshot, my body coming to rest half way down the far side of the table leg with the attendant's body catching mine.  I wonder if I was later dropped again, injuring my knee and bumping by head..

The "operation" itself seems to have gone well...I can breathe just fine once again.  I question, however...: "where  did all that water come from"...and where did it go .

Since I am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds, final move from my apartment must wait 10 days.  This will make SAM and ME late in leaving the apartment - must move a few heavy things to storage across town - any event, the injured leg will not support the extra weight for a few days either.

Bellingham has experienced a bit of cold wet snow, followed by a few days of sleet-like rain .  

Assuming the leg heals, SAM and ME should be on our walk and roll by January 5 or 6.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about your recent issues. Hopefully you are on your way to mending now. As for where the water came from, well I am not sure but maybe when you were in North Dakota and having breathing issues was your first sign that something may be going wrong for you.