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Friday, December 19, 2014


Friday, December 19, 2014:   SAM and ME are once again back in the home of Dallas Lovejoy, in the town of HURRICANE, West Virginia.  Significant events have occurred including the slamming and locking of the gates on my dancing partner, Sally, (by Claude, long-time lover and jailer) and new dancing partner, Betty, who's invitation that I take up residence with her in her home in SAND POINT, Ohio, removed me from circulation for a bit.

Well, I'm back.  Dallas has a delightful new girlfriend, Carol, who has moved in to become his Care Giver for the next six weeks - at the minimum - while Dallas goes through daily hospital treatments to treat the infected toe bone of his left foot.  Lucky for me, Dallas has welcomed me back to my old room and Carol and I have seemingly found comfy places in our new-found small family.

My co-habitation with Betty (@ $500.00 per month) turned out to be an immediate challenge for both of us.  Living alone for years, each of us became somewhat fixed in how things should be done.  With Betty in the $$ driver seat, boiling down to ...we'll do it my way or NO way.  Stupidly, I packed my bag one time too many, finding myself on the outside looking in.  I walked some 27,000 miles to find Betty to hold my hand...and to be held in her arms.  I blew it.  I simply forgot that it takes time...MUCH earn TRUST...and WHEN IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO.

In two days WINTER arrives.  Cold Wet (SNOWY) Days will be upon this corner of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky on Christmas Eve.,,four days from today.  As much as I deeply appreciate Dallas' generosity, I would accept an invitation to return to being the FLY in Betty's WEB.

In the mean time, I will accompany Dallas and Carol to MILTON's Friday night dance as well as the Saturday night dance here in CULLODEN (A bedroom community for the city of HURRICANE, West Virginia). 

Riding with Dallas in his HONDA to a family dinner with his Sister in Law, FLORA, living near the Mud River Dam and Park some 40 miles South West of HURRICANE, West Virginia.

FLORA's home sits astride one of the steep West Virginia hills.

Dallas - center - and SALLY - Top right - in Sally's family church.  I have been prohibited from phoning Sally (by Claude), but discovered her alone at church, where we shared a moment.  No further contact has been with my former dance partner.

MILTON VFW POST, where Dallas and I enjoyed a Dinner honering America's military veterans.

Mud River Road on the way to FLORA's home near Mud River Dam and Park.

Looking back North from Flora's home.

Dallas about to announce our "early" arrival for dinner.

DALLAS and Sister in Law, FLORA, widow of the Brother of Dallas.  FLORA asked me if I could live in such she has for some fifteen years.   I smiled and said ...

Dallas, and Flora with her Son, "BUTCH" and his "Significant Other", SALINA.

SALINA and Daughter (with Butch), KYIA.

SARAH, 14 year old Daughter of Salina, from her prior marriage.

DALLAS at the Reunion of the CNR Railroad...I was kindly invited.

Yes, we do like pics of old barns.

Today, Friday December 19, 2014, HURRICANE Senior Citizens held their Christmas Luncheon.  Dallas rushed from his morning hospital appointment to pick me up - at his home - so we could enjoy the moment.  The Mayor and his staff were present - with gifts for each Senior - and remained to dine with us.  THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness.  WENDY's Restaurant was also present to serve the sit-down lunch

Based on individual income, donations are suggested...ranging from $1.50 to $4.00 or so.  Visitors are always welcome at the Senior Center events.  ALL communities in and around the Tri-State area of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky have similar Senior Centers.  Dancing Class for SALLY and ME was at the HUNTINGTON, West Virginia Senior Center.


Director JOY.  Hyper Active, JOY has melded a fun friendly active group of seniors.

Senior Center Kitchen, where all meals are prepared and served.  Near 75 Meals On Wheels are also prepared in this kitchen for Seniors unable to get to the Center.

HURRICANE Mayor EDWARDS and staff, who came bearing gifts and joined for our Christmas Lunch.

PUTNAM COUNTY SHERIFF passing out gifts.

TIM, WENDY's Restaurant Staff, who served Seniors and honored guests at the HURRICANE Senior Center Christmas Luncheon.

...and this is Dinner...Baked  Honey HAM, cold PASTA SALAD, Butter STRING BEANS,  DINNER ROLL, and Yummy APPLE PIE...with Coffee, Tea - Hot and Iced - Milk and Water...

...Not to forget the daily tray of fresh Donuts and Sweet Pastries..

* * * * * * * * * *

In truth, my two months here in the Tri-State has been filled with unforgettable moments and unforgettable new friends.  No less than five times I have been welcomed with..."...sent in answer to my prayers..."...a humbling yet confusing message.  I fear I have failed in some eyes, including my own.  I am not at all certain what has been expected of me.  I even stood before SALLY's Church Members asking for guidance. 

Try as I might, I come up short...still, liking myself and begging those dear to me to try doing the same for themselves.

Yes, I am miserable  ...but determined....

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