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Monday, January 19, 2015


Nearly one month has gone by since our latest blog update.  That month has been in company with DALLAS and CAROL, primarily looking after DALLAS battling Diabetes ...  currently receiving daily outpatient treatment of antibiotics.  Eight more weeks til the current treatments end.

Arriving in HURRICANE late in September, my first two months were busy caring for the two homes and properties of DALLAS.  The third month was taken up by social functions - dancing and playing "house" at the invitations of S____ and B____, both of which ended in less than successful ventures.

Walking has, until two weeks ago, been nearly non existent.

SAM has been taken out of storage, accompanying me on daily walks of six to fifteen miles.  My body has responded wonderfully until two days ago when I pushed a bit too hard on a 15 mile walk in near zero degree temperatures, resulting in over stressing the right knee ligaments.  All will be OK, but must pull back to relieve the knee damage.

Took some photos during recent which follow.

Am experiencing some conflicting issues about the condition of my heart.

In 1995, upon losing CRI, I suffered a heart attack.  Eighteen years later - in mid 2013, began experiencing excess fluid, determined by my doctors to be Congestional Heart Failure.  As part of the medical treatment, two Stents were inserted into my arteries.  I argued AGAINST the Stents, but was assured by my Cartiologist that my life was dependent upon the I reluctantly said OK.

Walking through California, was informed by another Cardiologist that ..."  you have NO heart problem...", in direct opposition to years of extensive treatment.  In recent weeks, the two Stents have been causing daily discomfort and some pain.  One source suggests I may need open heart surgery.

Must study up on Congestional Heart Failure and "Stents".  To say the least, conflicting views by the "experts" are not encouraging.

But for now, I continue to increase the length and severity of my walks.  This old body has done OK for nearly twenty years with conflicting input.   I am more comfy with my own diagnosis than with conflicting input from "practitioners";...and what might that diagnosis be...?   SINUSITIS:  Fluids draining from the sinus cavities into the lungs and stomach ... and where does the Sinus Fluid come from...? ... from being POISONED by INTENTIONAL release of RADIOACTIVE GAS from the Hanford Atomic Energy Reservation by our own government from 1945 through 1953..resulting in effected "life forms" being referred to as DOWN WINDERS.

BUDDY has become the near perfect traveling doggie...intelligent to the degree that he has figured out that following instructions and behaving earns a spot with a great view between DALLAS and CAROL.

Our first light dusting of snow.

Heading out with SAM for our fifteen mile walk

Yes, the roadway is slippery...coated with ice

Please say HELLO to CHRIS, owner of the local Hunting Bow professional shop.

Please say HELLO to LANCE, friend of CHRIS.  Visited with CHRIS and LANCE for nearly an hour during our recent walk.

* * * * * * * * * *

Daily news hereabouts include multiple homicides.  Have learned that nearly EVERYONE "PACKS".  Took some research to discover that to "PACK" means carrying Concealed Guns.

How do I feel about that???   Uneasy !

It was B____ who "convinced me" of her threat that ..."...this is my home...and things are done my way..." she handed me one of her loaded Smith and Wessons from her night stand.

It was BOB HOPE, I believe, who sang...

..."I love yiu in Buckskins and in clothes that you've homespun...

...but I love you longer stronger where your friends don't tote no guns...! "

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