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Saturday, June 6, 2015

POST 1457; CULLODEN, W.V.; JNE 05, 2015

Three weeks have slipped under the bridge with no blog update.  In a nutshell, I have enjoyed a one week sojourn to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, visiting old friends ...and clearing my mind from the tangled events of Mud River Road, West Virginia.

No, it didn't help.  Returned to as much confusion and mystery as left behind.  We all know baggage is ALWAYS taken along. 

Domiciled back in the comfort of Dallas' home, I find growing time on my hands with danger of losing the keen physical peak earned in the recent five years.  Disdain and rejection the result of offers to pitch in so as to work off growing frustration, am about to seek employment in a big box store...or even Mc D's.

Thankfully, SPIA is performing in a magnificent more oil leak. 

Have returned to WALKING daily for two-plus hours.  Pleased to have retained a good work ethic and with continued effort could return to 30 miles per day within a couple weeks.

Toying with the challenge to return to RUNNING, not embraced for the past 35 years.  Wonder if a 80 - plus year old could complete a marathon in under three hours.  Would be a kick to give it a whirl.


Ron said...

Bruce, I am glad to see that you are back on the road. I'm

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post. Was getting worried about you!