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Monday, March 21, 2016

POST 1522; BURNS. OREGON; MARCH 21, 2016

To be beyond reasonable is asking quite a lot of this sometime walker.

Walking is turning out to be something quite different these past several months.

Taking one more try at the injuries I have suffered, I am not myself at the moment.

I may take a bit more time, but intend to fully recover


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Bruce. As you know, it's always the first part of any journey that is the hardest. The decision to "do" and the subsequent first actions to support that decision. For most people that's where the disconnect happens, where indecision or self-doubt creeps in. For you, I don't see that being a problem. As Ezra Pound once wrote, "To have done instead of not doing, this is not vanity..."

I have every belief that you will recover with a vengeance and be back out on that road, teaching people that their inner strength is much greater than they imagine.

Cheers and take care

jumpingdance said...

Bruce ~

I think of you every day, and every day I am wishing you much good fortune.

Jerry Lesniak
Bellingham, WA