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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Someone said it...I only repeat it..."The best laid plans of Mice and Men...etc.etc.etc...."

Primary Doctor, Dr. R., has referred to a skin specialist, Dr. L, a certain itchy and lumpy scalp. Yes, that irritable condition - carried from Lamar, Colorado since last Summer - is still with Me. Dr. L. advises it probably is NOT inflamed hair follicle and probably is NOT inflammation resulting from the wee metal buttons of the hat and probably NOT incubation during intense Summer heat of some vile bacteria...all suggestions from prior Doctor comments.

No, Dr. L. now suggests itch and lumps may derive from inflamed sinus resulting in "HIVES"...which, to limit it's spread say, to the throat - which might limit air flow, making a 911 call imperative - MUST be cured...and quickly.

Therefore, massive doses of antibiotic are being administered daily for 2 weeks...then Dr. L will take a look-see..Oh, the fun of getting older...

In the interim, SAM & ME are held in limbo.

Not to waste time in limbo:

Many large objects in SAM 's Place have been pawned off to deserving folks. Motorcycle is tucked away in the storage unit (Motorcycle has a hiccup... needing a tune-up).

Today, Van and Trailer are moving remaining large items into storage...then a general clean-up before handing SAM's Place back to the Landlord on Friday, New Year Eve Day.

SAM will then take up residence for remaining limbo time in the garage at home.

Today, SPIA returns to Les Schaub - which Company has been so very helpful to SAM & ME - to have the air lines to her Air Shocks replaced. When SPIA's tire blew in Denver, the tire tread shredded the underside of SPIA. All was repaired in Colorado - see prior Blog -, but the Air Shock Line - also shredded - was NOT replaced. Today, that Air Line gets replaced. SPIA will then become much more stable...why, one might ask repair the Air Shock Line at this time !!!

The recurring left knee pain is masked with pain killers - wee pills given by the Surgeon at time of the knee operation (which are hoarded for just such events) - AND the slow but certain realization that this old man is NOT getting any more spry, AND the imagination is quickly filling with dread, the daily setting up and taking down of SAM's "camp" for the next six months, or more...

SPIA has again returned to Our Walk and Roll plans.

SPIA is receiving a "tilting" ramped platform in back for SAM to ride and be safely tucked away overnight. SPIA is 22 feet long. The new platform + SAM aboard, will result in a definite tail-heavy appendage. Must therefore, move SPIA's on board camp Table, 2 Camp Chairs, and the 1,000 Watt gas-driven auxiliary power unit, forward to offset SPIA's center of balance.

One does NOT want SPIA to be down by the Stern while toting SAM the daily 10-miles jaunts from parking spot to parking spot, while SAM & ME do daily Walk and Roll.

Yes, having exercised the female option to change one's mind - not that any female gender is in any way involved - SPIA has rejoined SAM & ME. SAM will always be protected, being constantly with Me night and day. SPIA, daily driven in 5 mile increments - as Jodi and I did last Summer - allowing SAM & ME to walk the 5-miles of terrain just driven, plus another 5-miles forward...and back to SPIA.

This, of course, dictates SAM & ME to Walk and Roll 10-miles for each 5-miles of forward travel.
So be it...better walking 9,000 miles to Key West with the comfort and convenience of SPIA than camping every day.

SPIA also affords the luxury of unlimited electrical generation for SAM's batteries if Mother Nature does not allow SAM's Solar Panels to do their magic.

I know, I know...all the hoopla about JUST SAM & ME alone in the Big World...but then NO great adventure ever succeeded the first time out...remember NASA and the, there is no feeling of need for apology...better adjust when adjusting is available...much better than Apollo 1 or Apollo 13 all over again. Probably receive NEGATIVE thoughts and comments comparing SAM & ME to Apollo; but since Me DID have a rather significant but minor role in getting Apollo to the Moon and back (subject of a future Blog???), feel somewhat entitled to ride NASA coat-tails a bit.

Just finished cup-o-hot-chocolate...Now for a shower, a bite of breakfast, then to SAM's Place to put things to right.

Big week for Washington Husky Football and Basketball Teams...go DAWGS !!!

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