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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


No need to tell anyone that Me is NOT conversant in things electrical.

During SAM's last Roll, We did learn one thing...volts and amps are NOT the same.

RED bank was used to power SAM's Hub Motor on our last Walk and Roll.

RED started out with 38.3 volts and after two hours - and a couple goodly hills, RED ended up with 37.6 volts. Controller low power shutoff is 35.5 volts, so RED should have 2.1 volts remaining...good for about 3 more hours...Right...Well, MAYBE....

What occurred was that climbing the final hill of that Walk and Roll, I "juiced" the throttle to gain a bit more power...and lo & behold...the "yellow" low power light came on and the Controller shut down the power.

Recycled the throttle thumb screw and power was restored. SAM continued to climb the hill.

Well, now...if the Controller shuts down at 35.5 volts...why was power interrupted when the throttle "juiced" ????

Stopped in at my favorite Battery Store - will give a report on them soon, as they are VERY instrumental in SAM's success to date -. Explained what happened - see above -...and was given the following explanation:

Over time and after repeated recharging, Lead-Acid Batteries (SAM has Lead-Acid Batteries on board), the Lead Plates will "degrade"...that is, they will carry the voltage - like the gas tank being full - but tend to lose AMPERAGE.

Not too sure how to explain AMPERAGE - you see, I know so very little about electricity - but it seems to be a function of strength of the in burning rubber. The desire (gas / volts) is there but the body (power / amps) is lacking...or something like that ...K. tried to demonstrate one day recently, but wasn't listening too good.

Bottom line...RED needs new batteries before Our next Walk and Roll.

SAM's Protective Cover has been completely modified. A full 360 degree cover has been added to give ME a place to get in out of the elements. Tomorrow, a full floor with side risers will be added - snapped into the existing Protective Cover - giving a water-tight enclosure...Walla Walla...ME has a "dry" space in which to lay down & well as a work-space for cooking and reading and computer blogging, etc. Design is such that it can be used in three phases:

1. Simple Protective Cover for SAM and for cooking...2 minutes to erect in place.

2. Extended Roof for ME to work / rest for short stops...add another 2 minutes to erect.

3. Full enclosure and floor for 100% weather protection overnight...add another 2 minutes.

So, the whole enchilada goes up in about 6 minutes - or less.

Therefore, the "tent" and associated poles, etc, is discarded gaining "space" and saving "weight".

It is time to give thought to Attended a social hour last week in Seattle where Me met the key movers of this incredible organization. Key attributes are:

100%...that means ALL...every PENNY contributed reaches the intended recipient.

NO $$ are retained by SeeYourImpact.

Donner chooses exactly to whom / which activity his/her donation is to go.

2 weeks after donation is processed by SeeYourImpact, Donner receives a photograph and written narrative from the RECIPIENT of the donation.

At this moment, over 75 activities are available - listed at - from which to choose where donation is to go.

Minimum donation is $10.00.

SAM & ME invite consideration to join a group donner-effort based on miles SAM & ME Walk and Roll. Contributions will be gathered by a bank, consolidated, and forwarded to SeeYourImpact as "we" as a group decide.

If you are interested to participate is this unique and very worthwhile cause, please note in the comments section of this blog (facebook - SAM & ME).

It is rare - if not unheard of - that 100% of all donated $$ goes to the end cause...most popular "causes" skim up to 60% (or more ) off the top before sending donations on to recipients. Google it...surprising !!!

Noticed Adam has begun an aggressive walking regimen...way to go Adam...

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