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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Please say HELLO to PAM.

That is all I have to say at the moment (F.G.)

Must find an RV Park with electrical power.

May find the wait worth while.

Has been an interesting day.


There is NO RV Park in NAPA, CALIFORNIA except at the Fair Grounds, which I searched for for 2 hours...there are no signs...5 different folks gave me directions. When I finally located it, the "volunteer" Caretaker bluntly said...NO MORE SPACES AVAILABLE....Go to Home Depot where they let folks stay the night.

I did go to Home Depot and also to WALL MART...with the same results NO OVERNIGHT PARKING...NO RV EXTENDED PARKING...subject to impounding vehicle.

So, have no electricity. Am on a back street - which also has a No Parking sign.

Simply put, NAPA cares not a Fid for RV or Visitors...I am VERY upset and angry..cannot get out here fast enough.

Please say HI to RUFFLES...because, says PAM sliding the back of her fingertips down the back of RUFFLES, she has Ridges...fingers bouncing from one vertebrae to the about stimulation...OMG.

Rehearsed all afternoon what I was going to write about PAM. I will say this instead:

Walking since 7:30 am in a drenching torrent of bitter cold rain, began feeling a bit upset. SPIA during the night developed several roof leaks...had pans sitting all over the inside to catch the drips. Was approaching St. more curve and up a small hill and feeling very sorry for myself...tried my old self-psychology...:

OK, when we get around that curve, a gorgeous lady is going to stop and offer us a ride back to SPIA - 8 miles back (2 hours walking).

It didn't take that long ! !

A gleaming new Ebony Black AUDI stopped next to me in the middle of the curve, passenger window rolled down, asking me for directions...a whole string of cars behind the Audi stopped also...honking ! The Audi drove off before I could reply.

Laughing out loud...WOW, Subconscious...that was really time let's have it last a bit longer, Huh !

Walked on around the curve and part way up the hill and coming from behind me, stopping next to me in the opposite lane was the same Black Audi...a magnificent Blond at the wheel, asking me where Clear Lake was...Of course, she held up another bunch of cars, all stopped behind her.

I crossed to her. She pulled ahead and half off the road. Cars squeezed by my tush. Better pull off the road...She did - almost - , leaving the left wheels still on the roadway. I moved around to the Passenger side....the window lowered.

Yes, I know Clear Lake (I had carefully researched the "Lake Region" for over a week to select my best route through Mendocino and Sonoma to reach NAPA, California.

A wee black dog climbs from the back seat into the passenger seat...sniffs my hand. I lower my face down to her 'bout a kiss...she licks my nose...what's her name...just as a SIREN blasts in my ear and a loudspeaker says...when you two have a moment, care to move off the road so the rest of can drive on by...looking to the rear was a California Highway and blue lights twirling and flashing...

What is it, says she...Oh, its the Cops...wants us to get completely off the road so he can get by.

Oh...she drives another 10 feet forward, all tires about 1 inch inside the white line...the Cop toots and drives off.

Heard my internal self say...well, is this any better ! ! a very sarcastic way. I really resent it when my self internal guidance get an Attitude.

Rest of the story: I get in back. She, PAM, drives BRUCE back to SPIA. Bruce gets the map. PAM furnishes a black marker which Bruce marks the map. The route is discussed. PAM is elated and says so with a superlative (which I shall keep to myself).

PAM unsnaps her seat belt, twists around in the seat to face me in the thing I sense is my face buried in blond hair, kissing her neck as I get smacked on the cheek.

Sure wish I had more time to spend with you, but I really gotta go...gave PAM my e-mail just in case she decides to drive SPIA...

Just another day for an old man walking in a Monkey Suit in pouring rain on a secluded California Highway.

Must do something about that "voice" with the attitude !

This was Highway 128 when I began my walk back North.

Returning South after 1 hour (4 miles), stopped in at the SARAFONIA Restaurant which was constantly full of clients for my usual breakfast...WOW, but was it expensive.

A Downtown Calistoga Building

Another such building..this one having a window cleaned from the inside...asked her if I could post this pic...just don't show my face !

Calistoga Main Street.

This is what an OLD Wine Grape Vine looks like without loving care.

And here is an entire Vineyard of Oldies.

Wine is Fine. RVr's also require consideration.

The entrance to Robert Mondavi Winery.
I first visited Mondavi in 1953. This time, walking.

NAPA VALLEY Wine Train runs along those tracks.

Down town St. Helena. Of course, in the pouring rain.
Shopped for a needle and some yarn to darn my socks....nobody stocks that anymore...gotta find it on line
W H A T ! ? ?
Four stores told me the same thing.

Wine Tasting Room.
Went into 6 of these rooms...did not taste any wine...just left our SAM & ME lots of OOOoo's and AAHHhhh's.

You are HOW OLD ??

Vintage Pickup Trucks are all the rage at the Tasting Rooms.

Saw two more, but didn't start taking the pics until # 3 came along...
MUST remember to take pics IMMEDIATELY.

Another Mathematical Vineyard.

Many such mansions in Napa Valley.

And another...

This is the kinda traffic PAM kept holding up... just to spend a few moments with little ol' ME.

NAPA VALLEY Wine Train...had dining cars and an observation were not very clean...wonder why that is...the Trees of Mystery Gondola windows were not clean either.

Not really conducive to taking photographs.

Decided to close with another of sure to click click.
DAILY REPORT: Walked 24 miles today...count 16 miles
SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 16 miles @ $0.02 = $0.32 for the day.
If I don't spend time as guests of the Sheriff (for the NO PARKING) sign, plan to walk BACK North in the morning from NAPA for 6 miles.
Then walk South to VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA.
I have friends living in WALNUT CREEK, not have their last name or telephone # (left my phone book in Bellingham). Have asked for that info...if I get lucky, will stop for a day or two to visit before heading South down the San Joaquin Valley to BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA.

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Oh my! Makes a guy want to hit the road.