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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today has been a day of interruptions. My early morning walk from MENDOTA to TRANQUILITY, CALIFORNIA, went off well. Checking the Mini Computer, however, I received wild gyrations of the pages and it would not load VERIZON. Tried to reboot many times, but no change. So, off to MENDOTA. Found a Computer Savy fellow..."no one in MENDOTA can troubleshoot. Must go to FRESNO. So, the next 3 hours driving to and return produced...There is noting wrong with your works just fine !!! I believe it might have been VERISION system...heck, I don't know, but the Mini has worked just fine since. On the drive back to SAN JOAQUIN, CALIFORNIA, came upon this Helicopter playing like a Crop Duster right next to the roadway...could not resist stopping SPIA and take some photographs. The Helicopter, just like an ordinary propeller airplane, flies mere feet above the ground, spray flowing back into the slipstream (the air behind the aircraft), settling on the crops below.
Have more pics of this operation, but VERIZON Signal if very weak this morning here in SAN JOAQUIN taking lots of time to upload, have only selected these three. Here, the Helicopter is taking off after having his two spray-tanks refilled by the fellow in the foreground by using a long hose from that truck. Took all of 2 minutes to refill the tanks...and off went the Helicopter. It flew perhaps 5 feet above power lines directly over SPIA (and My) head as it made each pass down the crop field.

Quite exciting to see, especially as we were only 100 feet away from the landing spot.

Some Water Canals are higher than others. Here are three large water PUMPS lifting the water up about 10 feet to another canal on the other side of the roadway (behind the camera).

Had a photograph of the other canal, but with the slow upload, did not include it.

SPIA, SAM & ME parked for the night in a brand new EATERY in the town of SAN JOAQUIN. These kind folks, Veronica, Jake and Emilio, operate the new Restaurant, where I treated my self to a large - REALLY LARGE - salad and freshly-made Ravioli...both were excellent.

I was treated to a second bottle of water and a home-baked cookie.

Thanks, Veronica and guys...sorry I must leave before you get to work.

Across Highway 33 from the Restaurant is the town Grain Elevator. This one has seen better days and is no longer being used. I will try to get a tour of an operation Elevator, as there are such structures in nearly every town in the San Joaquin Valley.

This (and corn) is what goes into the Grain Elevators...guess what it is ???

RIGHT: Winter Wheat.

Winter Wheat field have been photographed and up loaded in many of our San Joaquin Valley Blogs...must admit, I was not certain what it was, but here, the growth is advanced enough that the actual grain has developed to easily see.

Also photographed along our walk down the Valley are large Orchards. As the blossoms come out, they must be "pollinated" (male pollen transported to female blossoms). Normally the wind helps a lot, but most pollination is done by BEES.

Here are a number of BEE Hives (click click) clearly showing BEES at work.

I was standing about 15 feet from the hives. The BEES swirled around me taking a real close look, but did not threaten or attack me. As I walked on, BEES actually followed me, flying along and around my Head for over two City Blocks.

I have worked around BEES, and have been stung several times. Apparently, I am somewhat resistant to their stings, because have no serious reaction...Of Course it hurts !!

Click click this photograph of the MUSTARD PLANT Blossoms...a crop I have followed since the beginning of the Mendocino Valley in Northern California. MUSTARD is even planted between rows of Wine Grape take full advantage of available land.

Look Closely at the enlarged pic...there is our friend, the BEE busy at work. Look close at his legs...they are covered with the flower nectar which after processing back at the Hive, is inserted into the hundreds of "Chambers" in the Wax Cone...the chambers is where the baby BEES live and grow.

We all know the Wax Cone as "HONEY COMB". The place where Honey comes from.

So, be nice to BEES...They are really one of our best friends.

A larger view of the MUSTARD PLANT.

A residential street in SAN JOAQUIN (town), California...a couple blocks from Veronica, Restaurant.

Further up the street is this brand new Shopping Center...totally EMPTY...the recession has hit the Valley especially hard.

A train coming at me from about 100 feet away...actually, I was standing within 5 feet of the tracks to get the old Grain Elevator as a background.

Got a Toot Toot.

DAILY REPORT: Received 2 rides today, including one from an 18-wheeler. Walked 22 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACTORG: Credit 22 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.44 for the day.

In the morning (it is 7:20 am as I write this blog), with the Sun again rising into a cloudless sky, I will walk South on from SAN JOAQUIN (town) to the town of HELM, CALIFORNIA.

We are very near BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA...should reach MOHAVE (town), CALIFORNIA, where I plan a BIG Surprise...if I can pull it off.

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