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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today was a "tween" day.

Too cold to grub around in roadside ditches.

Trash cans of DEJA VU and HAPPY CLAM already full to the brim with IRENE's anger.

No invite to the public to pick up free food at the Food Bank.

So, SPIA received my attention.

Drove to the HATTERAS RV Park in RODANTHE, where I was "gifted" a brown-water dump. Normally, a dump is $5.00...thank you ever so much.

Drove to the Convenience Store...filled SPIA's gas tank for tomorrow's drive to COLUMBIA (Karen & Craig home)...filled SPIA's Propane Tank...good thing too, as only 1/2 pound remained in my 30 pound tank.

Then, drove uninvited to the Food Bank. No one was up and about, so, parked SPIA and started cleaning up the Food Pantry...left in a bit of a shambles after yesterday's Public Open House.

Two large boxes of like-new clothing had been donated in the past few days. Some folks rummaged through the many offerings, again leaving the display table looking like Sears & Roebuck after Black Friday.

I carefully sorted out jackets/coats, hoodies, shirts, pants, dresses, and lots of "T's". I then neatly folded each piece, stacking like garments on the beautifully finished Dining Room Table Set offered by Melinda.

Still, no sign of life from inside; so, I tried the was open. Pastor Steve I found at his computer. Got a few hours with no bookings...have you something for me to do ?

Boy, do I...Good Morning P. Steve led me out the front door and around back where a couple days ago I helped Dave putting up a new board fence. Posts were all in place, awaiting the cross beams and side boards.

The next two hours, I completed the fence, interrupted by Betty bringing me a ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. Don't let the cats get your Betty walked away. I sat on a downed tree trunk and started eating my sandwich. Cautiously, 5 feral cats approached to within 15 feet, sat, and watched as I took bite after bite.

Often have I mentioned that having something - anything - is of little value to me until it is shared. I carefully pinched small pieces of ham and tossed one to each kitty cat. Before my sandwich was finished, all 5 were sitting at my feet...whispering "meewwwuus" begging for another taste.

The morning's cold dissipated into a warm chores completed...I undertook to tape SPIA's windows, through which cold and some moisture was seeping during downpours.

Again, everyone at the Food Bank had disappeared, so I cranked up SPIA and drove back home to HAPPY CLAM, cleaned myself up, had a bite, made my bed for the night - even though it was only 4:30 pm, crawled in and snapped on Kindle...reading "Luciano's Luck"...where ...

Lucky Luciano is currently in SICILY, ITALY, assisting "Ike" and General Patton by bringing the Mafia Family into action to clear the way through the Italian and German Armies. Of course, that is all Fiction. Lucky L. has denied having any part in such antics. History tells a different story.

Lucky L. died in 1962 while walking into the Terminal at CAPODICHINO AIRPORT in NAPLES, the time, I was informed he was gunned down by Italian Police. History says he died of Heart Failure -

and, so it goes.

Now I walk the by-ways of America...meeting exciting new people, many of whom I count as my friends.

Looking forward to tomorrow evening...Karen makes a killer Chili.

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