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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Bellingham - Tacoma, Washington.

In the middle lies Whidbey Island, the second largest island in the continental United States - after Long Island, New York.

In the next few hours, Whidbey Island is destined to become my home for the next year or so.

Please click click to enlarge the above map. At 6:00, left of the town of "Everett" lies the small village of Bay View which is located on Whidbey Island. Here lies the 40-acre property of my recently deceased brother, Jim. I have been asked by Jim's family to "babysit" the property as it is prepared for sale.

I plan to move to Bay View within the next week or so.

In the meantime, here some photographs taken from our home in Bellingham, Washington...

New growth on the limb of our 30-foot Blue Spruce tree. There were three such trees, but my "partner" removed two of them...was sad to find them gone.

The above is a "runner" of CLOVER, which has threatened to take over the entire lawn. I have been on hands and knees the past two weeks pulling this plant...some runners are near 3 feet in length and must be removed - roots and all to keep it under control.

This the top of a 3-foot high THISTLE. I have kept it alive in the garden until the magnificent bloom bursts forth...hopefully within the next couple days.

On September 01, 2012, I will embark on a three-week walk from Bay View to Kennewick, Washington, to attend my 60th High School Reunion. Details will follow in a bit.

No, I am NOT pleased to be leaving Bellilgham. No, I am NOT pleased to be making yet another major change to my life. Yes, I am looking forward to resuming my walk...blogging all the way.

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