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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I took a walk today.

On my way to collect my Hyosung 650 motorcycle from Mark, owner of URAL NORTHWEST Motorcycles, I passed by the above corporation. Should anyone not recognize the name of this Corporation, all will certainly recognize the product produced right here in Bellingham for the Aircraft Industry.

HEATH TECHNA manufactures the interiors for jetliners flying to the corners of the world. Those lucky enough to fly have been surrounded by the Aircraft Interior Solutions of HEATH TECHNA.

Little known historical fact: My own Sister, Bonnie, was a long time technician for HEATH TECHNA. Today, Bonnie, at 80 something years old, is a Nurse's Aid working the past many years at the Valley General Hospital in Renton, Washington...yes, the same Renton, Washington...a bit South from Seattle...where Boeing Airplane Company manufactures the popular 737-XXX aircraft.

...and being on the subject of siblings, I want to wish my sister, Carol, happy birthday. Bonnie and Carol are joined by our third sister, Millie, just back from touring Scotland. I know Bonnie, Carol and Millie join me in remembering our four brothers, Chuck, Russell, Jay, and Jim...all having left us some years ago.

URAL NORTHWEST Motorcycles is located about 8 miles North of Bellingham, on the road to Lynden. My walk began on Northshore Drive along Lake Whatcom, another 4 miles to the Southeast of downtown. In all, those 12 miles were covered in 2 hours 50 minutes...yes, I virtually jogged...but not quite.

I turned to look over my shoulder as I headed West on Smith Road to find Mt. Baker looking down on me - still shrouded in a bit of haze... a vision the equal many...and I have seen a few.

Please say HELLO to my Hyosung first true motorcycle which has already taken me a few thousand miles in all weathers day and night.

As I look on this photograph, it brings back to a moment two years ago deep in the Oregon High Desert, when I met a young lady on a bike. Danielle writer, guitarist, performer, sculptress, and a truly gutsy woman...performing at this moment in a venue near Winnipeg, Canada. Daniel can be followed on:

if you like SAM & ME, you will fall in love with danielle.

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