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Thursday, October 11, 2012

POST 689: OBX, N.C.

Yes, I know has been nearly one month since last update.  Have wanted to post every day...simply have not done it.

My primary goal - to help Pastor Steve - has taken increasing time; more responsibilities have been given by Steve, which I am pleased to perform for him.  The Food Pantry is in good shape - disinfect it every day or so.  Have set up a "gift" shop featuring toys and clothing.  Clothes are all in excellent condition, displayed on professional clothes racks.

All Pastor Steve's Food Pantry items are available to ALL, including visitors to OBX, free of any $$ contributions.  I, of course, accept NO $$ for my efforts...a one-year commitment for Steve to command.

Tourist season is coming to a close.  Businesses are closing down.  Locals are being let go...with no opportunities for employment.  Result is less / no $$ for many locals.  Food Pantry donations are also down, limiting options available in selection and quantity.  The local Food Lion Supermarkets are being wonderful in donating...just that quantities are reducing in the apparent seasonal adjustment.

Unreasonable number of locals (my friends) have become ill, bringing new $$ costs and emotional load(s).  Many have NO insurance - to cover previous losses from last year's Hurricane Irene - or current treatments.

My dearest friend, Karen Estey, (Karen is the reason I initially came to the Outer Banks one year ago, having invited me while I was walking across Texas) dropped in with hubby Craig from their home in Columbia, N.C., a couple days ago, with the sad news that cancer has spread into Karen's liver, resulting in another bout of oncology - Karen's fourth go at it. 

Needless to say, I am reliving Cri's torments of battling for her life.  I am NOT a happy camper just now...tears refuse to stop.

Karen has asked me to come visit this weekend.

Have been walking nearly every day my 5.4 mile route at 4.5 mph.  Last Saturday, was invited by Pastor Steve's daughter, Malinda, to participate with her in the Breast Cancer race in the neighboring town of Avon.  Completed the 3.2 mile course - walking - in 38 minutes...fastest walk I have ever experienced.  My body is being fantastic to me - in spite of the increasing Arthritis in fingers of both hands.  Message - Reflexology - and keeping them warm seems to help keep the pain and swelling under control.

Emotionally, I am a wreck. 

Still no software for my camera / computer interface.  Panasonic refuses to provide the needed software - no longer offered - and I cannot find my own disk which came with the camera.  Camera is Panasonic DMC-ZS5.  i.e., no photographs for our blog.

Dr. Blakemore of Nags Head, NC - Optometrist / Surgeon - gifted me ($2,300 value) Eye PRK Laser treatment for my right eye.  The laser cutting was done two weeks ago, instantly changing my eyesight from severe nearsightedness to nearly perfect (20/25) vision.  The laser treatment is, for me, a one-time event, with no degradation in future vision for the rest of my life.

How does one say "thank you" for such kindness !


Bob said...

Hi Bruce,

Try taking your card out of the camera and use a card reader attached to your computer. If you do not have one, they are inexpensive.

Use the file manager on your computer to do what you want with the pictures, then put the card back in the camera and delete them (if you want them removed from the card), do not use your computer to delete files on the card as the camera may not recognize it.

You could also try installing drivers from an earlier or later model camera.

Good luck,

Deb McDonald said...

Here's a link for the charger (I know it's not exactly like the one that came with yours):

A link for the usb cable:

And yes, a usb card reader would work, too. But you need the charger and cable, correct?

Brian said...

Hi Bruce,

If you have the USB cable for it, then you can download Picasa and use that to manage all the pictures. If you do not have the USB cable, then the best idea would be a card reader as Bob suggested.

Anonymous said...

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