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Sunday, October 21, 2012

POST 690; 10/21/12; OBX, N.C.

Yesterday brought on one of the most beautiful weather-days of the year to the Outer Banks.

Yesterday also brought on a most difficult day for Pastor Steve and I.  Together with five members of the local DARE CHALLENGE...a halfway house for abuse treatment...a van load of food and approximately $300.00 in donations were received at the local Food Lion Supermarket...donations for Pastor Steve's LIFEBOAT COMMUNITY CHURCH FOOD PANTRY.

During the day, Pastor Steve and I discussed many problems I was encountering in my capacity of looking after the Food Pantry.  Primary among my problems was that activities were being carried out by a number of "volunteers" without my involvement or notification.  I advised Pastor Steve that I could not fulfill the obligations given to me unless I am kept informed.

This morning, after "much consideration" by Pastor Steve, I was informed that I was no longer welcome to work within the Food Pantry; i.e., I must leave all "donations" at the entry door for further handling by the many "volunteers" of the past 5 or so years.

It seems that my efforts to bring cleanliness and organization to the Food Pantry resulted in my stepping on toes of those volunteers.  Pastor Steve determined that my participation was not meeting his needs, so I have been dismissed.

I am, of course, stunned and sorrowful to receive Pastor Steve's decision.  I have, after all, returned to OBX at the repeated invitation and insistence of the Pastor, his family and friends during my walk back to Bellingham from last March through June.  My move to OBX caused expenses of thousands of $$ and my dedication of one year of my life to help fulfill the needs and directions of Pastor Steve.  At least $$ do not enter into the equation as all my efforts and services to / for Pastor Steve and been VOLUNTARY, for which I have accepted not a single penny...I did accept gasoline for my MPV when used to pick up food donations for the Food Pantry.

Perhaps I did not read between the lines as I should have. 

So, I now have a one-year lease of my home; all my personal belongings are resident in my new home; my reserve $$ are expended, as Social Security is my only income since 1995.

I continue to press my walking each walking at 4.25 mph daily.  Earlier this week, I checked myself into the local OBX Hospital ER, as I was in extreme pain.  After 7 hours of intense tests, including blood, x-ray and CT (cat scan), my pain subsided somewhat and I was released with the advice that there is absolutely NO problem with any part of my body - neck to crotch - and that I was free to continue with my extreme daily walking / working.

I will now pursue employment...local sympathy allowing...and, perhaps begin writing a book or two.  I was wondering if it might be appropriate to write / publish sequential chapters here on this blog ???   A comment or two would be welcome.

Disappointed and somewhat sad, I again bring to mind that "tomorrow is another day" (gone with the wind).


Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

Sorry to hear about this turn of events.

I think that it would be wonderful to read your book as it evolves on your blog. I for one will be here to read it.