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Monday, December 31, 2012

POST 1031; DECEMBER 31, 2012; NAPLES, ITALY (1957)


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Many Facebook readers have contacted me regarding inability to upload the "links" of this blog.  I recently received detailed guidance from Marie as to how to correct this problem.  Seems I have been using the URL (in black print), whereas I should be using the URL (in green print). 

The previous post - POST 1030 - has been re posted using the "green" URL.  Would appreciate comments back as to whether or not "links" now upload properly.

Now, back to Naples, Italy....

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Living on top of the steep hills to the North and West of Naples, Joanie and I not only have magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, we also are first in line to receive water delivered by pipeline and aqueduct from the distant APPENNINO Mountains, which form the North-South backbone of the Italian Peninsula...

 italy geography map

Heavy rains in the mountains have caused a land slide which cut the water supply to Naples.  There exists an alternate supply, which is pressed into service.  This alternate supply is of little help, however, as it is simply too small to service the millions of residents.  It is decided to feed the available water to the areas on top of the surrounding hills (Vomero and Posillipo), allowing water to "trickle down" to the main population areas bordering the Bay of Naples.

As we know, Lucky Luciano lives a few meters across the street from our building...what has not been revealed is that this "top of the hills" area is also the center of the Italian Mafia residential area...yes, even the manager of our building is Mafioso, as are local shop, Joanie and I have all the water we need.

We have a maid, Maria, about 20 years old, who helps Joanie 3 times a week with household chores...local indigenous folks (local residents) are often quite poor, offering superb employees at reasonable cost.  Maria lives in the crowded residential area near the Bay of Naples - at the bottom of the hills -, in a two room walk-up apartment, sharing it with eleven (11) of her parent's family, including her brother and his new wife - the sole occupants of the only bed in the apartment. 

Joanie and I visit Maria's family bringing water in 5-gallon wine bottles.  Walking the local streets, residents crowd the ancient narrow cobble stone streets carrying all kinds of containers...looking for water trickling from the ornate pipes of hundreds of fountains found in old Naples.

From time to time, a city water truck pulls up...with a half dozen pipes - with faucets -  protruding.  Lines of thirsty people carrying everything from a Coke  Bottle to large washtubs form lines behind each pipe.  More often than not, those with large containers are pushed out of the way by those waiting behind...sometimes resulting in water being dumped in the ensuing scuffle. 

More than once, I have taken photographs of fights breaking out...precious water spilling onto the cobbles.  The truck driver summarily shuts off the faucets and drives away leaving dozens of still thirsty people fighting each other.

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TRICKLE DOWN THEORY did not work during Naples water crisis any better than Obama's $$ trickle-down theory in recent Bank / Corporation Bailouts

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VIA APPIA - Paved Over.

VIA APPIA...perhaps the most famous ancient roadway in the world extends from the city of ROME to BRINDISI, Italy (in the "heel" of the Italian Boot, passing through Naples on its way.

From our apartment, we can nearly see Via Appia.  A small portion of it has, in years, been paved over.  Most of Via Appia is, however in its original state.  Even so, some of the original roadway is open for vehicle travel. 

Joanie and I sometimes become tourists, driving portions of Via Appia. 


From the Greek Officer with whom I work in AIRSOUTH, I have purchased a German 4-door 1955 OPEL.  Opel is an excellent 4-cylinder vehicle, giving us the opportunity to travel anywhere we wish to drive.

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