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Thursday, December 6, 2012


The call has come.

Spent most of yesterday  at UPS' invitation...interviews and orientation resulting from my on-line job application of one week ago.

Phone rings @ 6:30 am this ready to start work this morning???   Oh, Yes. 

Properly dressed - UPS has stringent rules about just about everything -, lunch prepared - workday could go until late this evening (+ / 9:00am - 9:00pm).

Now waiting beside the phone for the UPS Driver's phone call as to where and when to (nearly) as excited as I remember the first time I lay eyes on Keiko 59 years 8 months ago.

In spite of all...(maybe because of it all)... keeping the positive attitude...ever ready for what lies around the next corner - over the next hill.  Seems to work for me.

Participating in another 5K Arthritis Run / Walk event tomorrow (Saturday) morning here in Bellingham.  Joined a local adventurer's group with whom I will hike to a lake in the nearby Cascade Mountains. - only a 20 minute drive from my apartment.

Must keep up my strenuous concerned that if I do not, I may never reach 120 years old with all body parts ultimate goal.

Yesterday evening, I purchased round-trip airline (Delta) tickets for the Granddaughter, Ciera, of my OBX landlady from Norfolk, Virginia to Dallas, Texas (45,000 Delta  Skymiles) and return.  This is my gift to Ciera to help her on her one-month Missionary Trip to India (the country).  Before leaving OBX, I also whipped up some yummy cookies for Ciera's "bake sale".   

FOOD BANK, Salvo, (OBX) North Carolina, as I left it the day P. Steve fired me.  May not look like much...compared to food banks in large population areas...but this tiny room supplies food and clothing to many hundreds of OBX residents...for some, the ONLY food they receive.  Breaks my heart not to be with them...I felt I was finally doing something meaningful...and wish all a good square meal and comfy warm clothes each day.

(My long-time Bellingham friend, Bob Y, labored over my mini-HP computer and Panasonic Camera...discovering an electronic  "detour" to download photographs...we are back in business with blog images...thankyou Bob...and I am very much looking forward to sharing Christmas Dinner with you and Pam).

I may not physically still be in OBX;, but having left behind a number of friends, my emotions will always remain with those good folks on that tiny mosquito infested strip of sand...surrounded by some of the best fishing in the world.

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