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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Yes, the national employment firm COMMAND CENTER, with whom I worked in DICKINSON, N.D., has come through again by putting me to work within 24 hours...this time, processing FISH.

One of about 30 part time workers reporting to BORNSTEIN Company, our first night (6:00 pm to ???) spent 4 hours "setting up" corrogated boxes into which fresh caught SALMON are to be packed.

Last night, we set up many hundreds of boxes...(it is now 6:00 am August 21)...tonight, all 30 some workers have been asked to return to physically process the salmon, packing them into the boxes we prepared last night.

Having never before having processed commercial fish (have been a sport fisherman all my life), I sincerely hope the processing is somewhat better organized than box set up of last night.

Last night's experience was an ABBOTT and COSTELLO presentation...

Led into a LARGE WAREHOUSE ROOM FILLED with dozens of palletized flat boxes and dozens more cartons filled with plastic bags.

Without ANY instructions or further explanation, the lady supervisor be seen 4 hours later when we were all sent home...with instructions to return tomorrow to "pack the salmon" into the boxes / bags we prepared last night.

Considered giving a blow by blow dissertation of 30 blind workers following 30 blind workers.  Decided against it, as I need the job and would get little thanks for revealing the THREE STOOGES approach to set up boxes...suffice to say, with NO on the spot leadership or guidance, the next four hours were at once comical...and sad.

During the bus ride last week, the bus was packed...many over-sized passengers squished into their seats...during one "leg", my seat companion plunked half of her posterior fully on my lap.  Sometime during that 27-hour bus ride, my KIDNEY became injured from the tight, one week later, the kidney is still very sore

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