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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Astronomy photograph

Check out this awesome SuperCell photograph on the Astronomy Picture of the Day blog!

You may also want to open my Blog WAMSUTTER - RAWLINS. Crossing the Continental Divide, I was overwhelmed by a number of such Storm Cells. I have included a photograph of one Storm Cell forming. It later developed into a VERY LARGE cell (don't know if it was a SuperCell as it was after dark when it slammed into me), but I was very uncomfortable with extreme winds, washtubs of rain, and incessant lightning - followed by the most beautiful after-dark rainbows...not to mention 18-wheelers flashing by only 18 inches from my right shoulder.

Was a Night To Remember.

With the help of Shari, I am attempting to "LINK" this Blog to Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Please bear with me...I think you will find it worth while.

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