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Friday, November 5, 2010


Just returned from Seattle and an enlightening visit with Shari Goetsch, Director of Marketing of is the CAUSE I have been mentioning the past couple Blogs. It is, folks, for real.

Shari is putting together some Internet Magic for ME and our Blog. I don't fully understand what the details are, but essentially, will be linked to Facebook and providing easier access and versatility (gee, is that a real word?).

Premature at best for ME to try to give details at this moment. Suffice to say that ME is intrigued and excited at what is about to occur to enhance this Blog.

Now I go back to SAM and incorporate the next major change to her design; i.e., soldering ALL electrical connections. Loose "friction-fit" factory-supplied component connections caused much consternation for SAM & ME while walking over "washboard" roads. Connections came loose, causing "shutdown" of complete systems. By soldering all electrical connections, we should minimize if not eliminate that problem AND give better continuity (electrical flow efficiency) between electrical components - chargers, batteries, controllers, etc..

As I have so often admitted, I have NO electrical systems training or experience. SAM & I have learned together about this mysterious world...and obviously, we are still learning. When so-called "experts" guided us, distaster hit...but you have already read that in previous Blogs.

Fall has finally come to Bellingham. It is raining and promisses to continue wetting on us for the next few days...what a wonderful time to check out SAM's upgrades.

I must admit that I fear I will not last the Winter. Already I am getting itchy feet to return with SAM to the open road and the fascinating new World that has opened for us.

I truly hope you will be with us on our Journey the way, did you know that our recently-sold-yacht name was JOURNEY. I do miss JOURNEY, but SAM is my new Mistress.

SAM has proven herself on our recent FALOVET (sp?) trip. (Falovet = Norweigen custom of taking a long intimate trip with your "Intended" (Fiance') before tying the knot...not a bad custom, Huh?

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