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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday, I ventured out to drive to Seattle to meet with Shari to set up our program for handling "donations". I got as far as BURLINGTON, Washington COSTCO Gas Station (least expensive gas in the Region) when it started to snow.

All the roads - Interstate 5 included - are covered in compact ice and snow, making driving difficult. With this new snow covering and hiding the icy spots, it has become a driving nightmare. So, I decided to turn around and return home to Bellingham.

Following news reports, it was a very good thing I did NOT drive on to Seattle. I would most likely still be down there trapped in traffic and accidents.

Just for fun, I added the above pic of temperature in our protected Patio (without any Wind; i.e., no wind chill thrown in). Imagine what the wind chill is when the 65 mph winds blew thru Bellingham last night... BRRrrrrr.
Channel 4 Forecaster says temperatures will NOT rise for another 36 hours, making it nearly 100 hours of under freezing...and that is in Seattle...Bellingham is MUCH colder than Seattle.


Robert said...

hi bruce
how u doing? you sure get around sence i seen you last, just saying hi and ne carefull.

this is robert from Bruneau Idaho gave you a ride one morning.

Bruce said...

Gosh, Robert...guess this is where I REPLY to COMMENTS. Feel like such a dumbell. See Post of November 25 for my detailed reply.
Take Care, Robert, and thank you for the ride and comment.