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Saturday, February 5, 2011





US 101 SOUTH OF SEASIDE, OREGON...a bit more South than the Pic above.

Got clobbered rather well yesterday...

Stayed in bed from 1:00 pm (noon) yesterday until 8:00 am this morning....with time out to piddle and eat.

Feel much better this morning. Rained HARD all night, but seems to be letting up a bit...sure hope so as Dale should be pulling in within the next hour or me time to get SPIA shipshape...although, she actually is pretty good anyway.

GREAT NEWS: I have discovered...yes, finally discovered, the source of the lumps and incredible itching of my scalp from time to time. It is an "R" Rated Subject.

Have tested the symptoms, before, during, and after, with the same results EVERY time...and without the use of ANY medications.

I'm the first to say there may be something going on under the surface - besides the obvious -, and am not going there.

The Cause: NOT what I put in...Rather, what I DO NOT put out.

Wanna know more, contact me privately !

Breakfast of Oatmeal/Raisins/Brown Sugar...Yum

Have SPIA's motor running with full-blast heater...trying to get yesterdays sopping clothes dry and charge up the Mini Computer Battery...must get a new battery...this one lasts only 30 minutes or so.

Soon as Dale arrives, we drive to Cannon Beach in his car and walk the 10 miles back to to have SPIA waiting instead of Dale's spiffy SUV getting wet and messed up.

OH, this is going to be a fun day.


Now 3:15 pm. Dale arrived on the dot of 10:00 am. So good to see Dale again...Of all my relatives...and I have tons of relatives...have spent more time with Dale...eaten more lunches with Dale...and have received Dale's "Eye Roll" more times than all the rest combined.

We followed my plan. At a few moments before 11:00 am, Dale parked his SUV at the Cannon Beach RV Park and we started walking back to Seaside, Oregon...sign said 8 miles...was actually closer to 9 miles by the time we arrived at SPIA...exactly 2 hours later.

Dale is an great shape. He had NO difficulty walking 4 miles per hour up a pretty steep hill of 2 miles and down the other side...actually the "down" walk was more difficult because of the "Slope" of the put tremendous side load on the feet - compensated by the Ankles - compensated by the knees - compensated by the Hip - and ends with an over-stressed lower Back.

Dale experienced all these things, but shrugged them off..We stopped in at a Chinese Restaurant for Lunch...good lumch...when we started to leave, Dale was already stiff...what a great Sport and Good Friend Dale is...he will probably hurt tomorrow while Snow Boarding at Snoqualmie Pass.

Drove SPIA to the RV place where Dale parked. Just to check out costs, asked the receptionist of the "Good SAM" Park (Owned by the City of Cannon Beach)...$31.00 he says. Needing to dump SPIA's water, charge her battery systems...and I could sure use a shower and relax in the Hot Tub and Swimming Pool, decided to stay the night.

So, Dale is on his way home. SPIA is serviced and bedded down. Overcast skies will mean early Twilight, and after yesterday, I am still a bit bushed.

Oh, and Dale brought me a new Camera...and refused any $$ from me...what kind of Nephew is that ?

Will not walk more today.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 9 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 9 miles @ $0.02 / mile = $0.18 for the day.

In the mornig, will head out South on US 101 from Cannon Beach. The next town is ARCH CAPE...then MANZANITA, OREGON, about 15 miles out...will give it a feeling rather good and look forward to the Hot Tub.

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