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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


KATHY's Myrtle Wood most of such trees look. Apologize for placing this photo was originally further down with KATHY and her visit with me...I goofed with the computer and accidentally "deleted" through carelessness, and do not know how to put it enjoy KATHY's tree, please

Parked in a wide spot on US 101 last night. Stepping out of SPIA, was greeted by this gorgeous scene...Sun still far below the Eastern Horizon...Luna bright above trees and pink clouds.

Promised to be a rather nice day. Please Click Click...detail is sometimes breath-taking.

Walking US 101 through mountains, photo ops come far and few between...relented to capture this vegetation scene. I was taken by the diversity of colors and shadows as Ole Sol lighted up my world. About 5 miles from SPIA, turned around to walk back when "Bear" pulled over in his spiffy new Pickup Truck, offering me a ride back to SPIA...was try to chat, but Bear was apparently late for his new job...he recently retired, but apparently could not stand the idleness, so went back to work...thank you, Bear...for giving me back another hour to walk.

Have seen a profusion of this beautiful yellow flowering plant reminiscent of Scotch Broom so prevalent in the Olympic Mountain care...this plant has a bite...2 inch spines cover the entire plant...see earlier blog for a close up...OR, Click Click this photo detail is impressive.

Had difficulty seeing this field clearly...the Sun was in my eyes, but took the photo trusty Panasonic revealed that it is a rather large Cranberry Bog. Later is today's walk, we came across many such fields, most of them a bit smaller with 3-foot high "dikes" all round...very similar to the Rice Fields I used to know in Korea and more recently in China.

This is a massive Steel Lift Bridge...sign says telephone such and such number...wait 2 hours...and the bridge will open...Guess the Safeway checker gets a call on her Cell...hops in her car to rush over to the bridge, where she pushed the UP button. Say no sign of anyone tending the bridge...AND, there is NO walkway and NO room to walk on the roadway...probably built before fast food became fashionable - to need a turn around the block to avoid thickening waistlines.; i.e., before walking for exercise became popular.

This Bridge was about 6 miles from where SPIA was parked...upon turning around to walk back, a comely lady, Mira, offered me a ride...with the wet tongue of her Red Pooch washing my face, neck, and any uncovered parts. Thanks, Mira...would liked to have chatted a bit longer.

Looking West from the Bridge, the Coquille River has a short run past BANDON, OREGON to the Pacific Ocean. Today is a calm day...hardly a ripple on the waters. More thorny bushes with yellow flowers...they grow with impunity...probably because of those defensive needles.

Looking East from the Bridge, lies a vast Marsh and a ribbon of the Coquille River...a bit closer to Bandon is a sign "BANDON MARSH"

BANDON, OREGON. Bandon sits on two levels...this, the Northern Section, is near the Bridge and leads into "OLD TOWN BANDON".

Coquille Bay just East upriver from Old Town Bandon. Click Click. See all those posts in the background...according to History, early Bandon had NO roads. Everything came and went by Water. The entire early town was built OVER the water on those old Pilings out there...says it was very practical as boats pulled right up to your front porch to load and off-load goods.

Bandon is in the center of Myrtle Wood Country. Numerous pieces of Art decorate Old Town Bandon Marina, Boardwalk, and indeed, the entire Waterfront area. Marina is in the background of this magnificent SALMON carved from a single piece of Myrtle Wood. The myriad of color / tones and grain structure of this piece are NATURAL to ALL Myrtle Wood. Got the flag pole almost vertical...gotta work on that a bit more.

Old Town Bandon Marina

Coquille River Light House, across the river from Old Town Bandon. One can drive to it from the North side of the river. A State Park turnoff is just North of the Bridge.

As a Sailor, I found this piece of Art (not Myrtle Wood) quite creative and interesting. Click Click...note the numbers 45 and 60. These represent Latitude South in Degrees away from the Equator (which one can see at about the center of Africa. At 40 degrees South, one can Sail a ship completely around the world without running into any must pass below (towards the South Pole) of the three Great Capes of the World: South America - Africa - Australia.

The Oceans at 40 degrees South are stormy with winds CONSTANT over 40 miles per hour and waves often 40 or more feet high...for thousands of miles...then too, one must be vigilant for the never ending ICE FLOES breaking off the Continent of Antarctica, only a few hundred miles on your right...always make this sail from WEST TO EAST...the direction the wind and waves move

Now...isn't that interesting ?? What To Do On A Sunday Outing

The Boardwalk...topping the Sea Wall protecting the Inner Harbor...When stormy, large waves from the Pacific Ocean can travel long distances UP the coastal rivers...barriers are sometimes needed to protect river shorelines.

Myrtle Wood Sea Turtle...want to see one...take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands...or the South Pacific

Ton's (Click Click) Crab Shack...sitting on Old Town Bandon Boardwalk

A Myrtle Wood Totem Pole...yes, it too tells a story.

Shops along Old Town Bandon main street

THIS is a Myrtle Tree...a real live one. It now typical for so many branches to be is structured more like a bush looking from Inside to the Outside...but the Pic below is the SAME tree looking from the Outside.

KATHY stands before you with the magnificent Myrtle Wood Tree standing behind her...Yes, this is the SAME tree as the above photo.

KATHY was just saying that at a certain time of year, flowers and NUTS form on the Myrtle Wood Tree, which is one way of reproduction...I have earlier been told that if a piece of Myrtle Wood falls from a tree, it will begin growing it's own roots...striving to stay alive and reproduce in many ways.

The Myrtle Wood Tree grows is only two places on Earth: Oregon and Israel.
KATHY's last name is Takahushi. Her In-Laws immigrated from Japan. In 1941, they had a farm in the Kent Valley, South of Seattle. After December 7, 1941, they were taken away from their farm and placed - like so many of Japanese descent folks - in Camps...prisons actually.
I relate this because my prior Blog tells of my Brothers Jay and Jim and I walking from our Stump Ranch Home in Midway, Washington, the 5 miles into the Kent Valley to work as VERY young boys (I was 6...Jim was 4) on Japanese "truck" farms. Our employers suddenly disappeared and we did not know why...
My life keeps bringing me back to revisit those events...a sorta Catch 22.

SO, looking closer at the Myrtle Wood Tree, I discovered THESE...(great photo by the way)

Blowers AND Nuts...Kathy was elated.

From these Flowers and Nuts, are obtained the Myrtle Wood Oil. Some folks add perfume scents to the Oil, but Kathy gave me a vial of PURE Myrtle Wood Oil...which has its very own unique need for perfume.

Kathy also tells me (which I already knew) that Myrtle Wood Leaves are from the Laurel Family...same as Bay Leaves...only many times more powerful when used in place of Bay Leaves.

At my pleading, Kathy agreed to share on line, her private recipe for Split Pea Soup.

Kathy says she never uses Bay Leaves...not with Myrtle Wood Leaves just a few steps from her kitchen.

Would anyone believe that is a real honest to goodness:


Just proves that when we visit the Zoo, we become very interesting to the critters we came to see...talked to this fellow (see the horns) /Click Click/ for a few minutes...kept cocking his head from side to side...guess I didn't speak distinctly enough and he was trying to better catch my words.

C A L I F O R N I A I come

Neat Ranch alongside US 101 about 10 miles South of Bandon, Oregon


Craig owns this Appliance Rebuild Shop. He salvages repairable appliances, restores them, and sells them for a good profit. Craig says business is booming for him because of the continuing Recession...folks just don't have the $$ to buy New appliances and know his are in top condition.

JAYME was proud of achieving his College Degree...that is why he is working for Craig, helping to restore appliances. I offered to take JAYME' picture of him repainting that Chest Freezer..when CRAIG took away the spray paint can...Hey...this is MY business...take MY picture...CRAIG stood his ground.

Click Click...look closely...that is JAYME's hand...Sorry CRAIG

I hope my walk has been enjoyable today.
DAILY UPDATE: Walked 18 miles
SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 18 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.36 for the day

As can be seen, I have discovered many new and beautiful places and things today.
As can also be seen I have met new friends.

Reminds me as a early Teenager...I was the ticket taker at Dances and a real Wall Flower.

One thing my walk has done is to shed my hibitions...I no longer hesitate to approach folks and start (or sometimes interrupt) conversations.

I am so enjoying my Walk.

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