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Thursday, November 1, 2012

POST 694; 11/01/12; GILETTE, WYOMING

I will cut to the crux of the matter.  All commitments and promises made to me regarding living at the home of Brother Jim (deceased) have been broken.

Last Friday, I was assured all was in order for my arrival at Jim's.  Therefore, I drove to Seattle, Washington area, arriving yesterday noon.  Before rushing to Jim's, called Nephew Dale that I would pull into Jim's before dark.  Dale, hum and hawed a bit before telling me:   - paraphrased:


OK, ok, ok...I was stunned, having driven over 3,000 miles - again at great expense.  After long cell-phone discussions, I was advised that the "lease" was made LAST SATURDAY...and no one followed through to contact me.

I sat, fuming, angry, confused, and cursing aloud all those who recently promised so much...only to have nonperformance and no consideration at all to even advise me.

I contacted some friends near Seattle and Bellingham, trying to find options...a place to settle for a time until I could sort out this mess.  Arriving at no reasonable option, I telephoned Miss Linda, my landlady in OBX, who told me my house was waiting for my return...and that, "everybody here really loves you and wish you would come back."

I considered Miss Linda's words, turned my MPV/Trailer around, and headed east on I-90, reversing my 6-day from OBX to Seattle.

At this moment, I sit in a room at Motel 6 in Gilette, Wyoming, having reached here in 1.5 days.  A weather system is closing down on I-90, which tomorrow is forecast to drop to freezing; i.e., possible snow.

Early tomorrow morning, I dead-head east on I-90 to Souix Falls, South Dakota, where I will hang a right to Kansas City, then east again across Tennessee, the Smokie Mountains (more steep hills, possibly with snow from Hurricane Sandy).  Should arrive in Columbia, SC at Karen and Craig's home, where I will hole up for a few days.  Why the delay in Columbia?

The Outer Banks is cut off from any road traffic to the mainland...two cuts have been made by Hurricane Sandy completely across that bloody sand north of Salvo, and another to the south of Salvo.  Ferries have been pressed into service for OBX residents, but not for "outsiders". 

I have made the decision to return to OBX with considerable questions.  Before moving onto OBX, I will do some detailed fact finding.  As an option, Craig has offered me his mobile home rental in Columbia.

One major problem with my auto:  the transmission has been acting up.  Today, I had it inspected in Billings, Montana.  There is fluid leaking from the transmission housing, coating the underside of the car.  Took 1/2 pint fluid to top it off...with a caution to "take it easy, especially on long steep hills"...otherwise, it may not get me to Columbia.

My walk blog did not include any criticisims or negative comments.  One nation-wide finding is that many Americans are scared to death - for a number of reasons -; another finding has been indifference by many regarding fulfilling commitments / promises. 

I for one, make life changing decisions based on promises made.  Broken promises have been costly for me.  I do not appreciate that. 

Please be kind enough to read into the above no anger on my part.  I do ask for consideration by ALL to avoid continuance of broken promises.  Consider if you will, the effect such failure(s) have on other folks.

I am now very worn out.  Started driving at 2:30 am this morning, reaching Gilette at 6:30 pm...14 hours, mostly crossing the Rocky Mountains...much of it in the dark.  I still do not see well at night.  At one point, following the white line on the edge of the roadway, I suddenly found myself well into an Exit off ramp, doing 65 mph.  My good brakes stopped me just in time from passing through a dark intersection at a dead end...not fun!  Not fun at all.


Anonymous said...

So sorrow your bad luck Dallas from hurricane seinors center

Anonymous said...

The people at OBX do not sound like very kind people. In fact, I think they are users. Pastor Steve should be ashamed of himself. The person who sold you back your trailer should be ashamed of himself.

It seems like they used your kind and free services then showed you the door as soon as you set things in order for them. Now they are in trouble again, thanks to Sandy, and all of a sudden "we love you and want you to come back". Hmmm. Interesting timing.

You are a more trusting soul than I am. I wouldn't give any of these people another minute of my time and energy.

It's frustrating to read about you crossing the country to your brother's for nothing. It's frustrating to read about you being forced to make the trip in the first place because of the strange, ungrateful people at OBX.

I'm very sorry you've been treated so horribly.

Best regards,