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Monday, November 12, 2012


I can attest to the truth that it does rain in Bellingham.  In reality, it rains pretty much daily from October through February, albeit without getting folks that I mean it kinda drizzles much of the time under overcast skies...I have for most of my life called Bellingham Rain "LIQUID SUNSHINE".

Hardly ever does a puddle of water form from a day's worth of drizzle; contrary to the sand spit I just left, OBX,  where 30 minutes of rain left my front yard ankle deep in water.

Drizzled most of today!  End of the weather report.

Transmission:  warming up the transmission for 4-5 minutes each morning has eleminated any transmission lock-up; have therefore put off tomorrow's appointment for a transmission inspection/overhaul.  Taking a risk, I know, but being a positive sort, am rolling the dice.

Apartment:  Am informed my apartment application is being rushed, with expectation of final decision as early as tomorrow (Tuesday).  Another reason for transmission decision, as I will need the MPV to move the trailer into position to unload it in event approval to move in becomes a reality.

Job:  Have submitted at least 20 job applications for work here in Bellingham, plus one in nearby Ferndale (10 miles away).  A number of job openings are advertised, for which I qualify (probably much overqualified).  Being nearly 80 years old might work against me, tho.  Certainly holding the positive outlook.

Various and sundry:  Spend most of my last 5 days filling out job applications.  In between, sit in my MPV under the radiant sun - between drizzles - reading a fascinating book, "LIDIA BAILEY" by Kenneth Roberts.  Bellis Fair Mall parking lot is my favored parking as it is close by the marina - where I spend my nights aboard Les' yacht - and is entertaining to observe the steady stream of hundreds of vehicles coming and going.  A stroll down the rows of parked vehicles reveal 4 in 5 license plates to be from British Columbia, Canada.  A stroll through the Mall brings coloquial dress and languages from the world over.

Filling up at the local gas station presents a line of about 15 vehicles at each pump...again 4 in 5 licensed in Canada.  No only do gas tanks get filled, but nearly every Canadian pulls 3 - 4 red plastic gas cans from the trunk which are also a bit of a wait to reach the gas pump.

Business in Bellingham is booming.  Parking lots are full.  Stores are packed.

Read on the internet that recent studies of centurians reveal those who walk daily at least 2 miles at 2.5 + miles per hour have a rather good chance to live to 100 years old.  Wonder what that says of my 4 - 5 miles per hour walking  4 times - over 16,000 miles - across America in the past 2.5 years..."me, oh my !"...quote from a leading character from LYDIA BAILEY.

This evening, plan to sip a glass of Cabernet at the local sports bar while taking in Monday Night Football...a pleasure I have been denied the past 12 or so years. 


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you good luck on the job hunt

Anonymous said...

Let us know if you get news on the apt. today. I am so glad your friend Les, gave up his man cave for a bit, so that you have a place to lay your head.
Wishing you all good things...