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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


HI, ALL....

Yes I am again guilty of SILENCE.
There has been no update because events have been limited and of such unbelievable substance as to be fearfully unreal.

Five years of roaming America has been about America...places, people, and events not to do with SAM and ME.  Arriving in West Virginia last September, all that changed.  I became the central figure for that which happened...i.e....

I met and fell in love with Sally, whom we all met some seven months ago...only to be summarily dismissed...dismissed with Sally's plea to find others.

The next 4 months resulted in meeting Betty (#1), who after one week invited me to join her in her home.  A new car was gifted to me along with Betty's plea to provide "protection".   Protection from whom or what I never discovered.  Betty emphatically dotted her "i's" and crossed her "t's" by producing her Smith and Wesson (gun) loaded convincingly assuring me she knew how to use it and would not hesitate to do so.

I departed Betty's home...having not experienced the pleasure of driving "my" new car.  She kept my $500 contribution to begin our life together.

Betty (# 2) followed only to part ways after a few days.

In retrospect, I harbor no malice to either Betty.  Many lovely days were mutually enjoyed.  We simply did not seem to fit.  Both ladies gifted me new clothes  - shirts, trousers, jackets, etc which I proudly wear.

All the while, I have been a  supremely happy guest in the home of Dallas.  It came to pass that lady Carol found and engaged Dallas...becoming my friend in the process.  Dallas and Carol are to be married soon.

SAM and ME have prepared to return to the road...all packed, ready to Walk and Roll...

...and what of Sally...?

As agreed, I did not contact Sally until I recently learned that her relationship with Claude had run it's course; Sally once again retreating into her modest country home in STRAIGHT STREET HOLLOW (Cherry Street HOLLAR) , a single lane unpaved roadway leading from Lower Mud River Road to the village of HAMLIN, West Virginia.

Sally and I met once again during the Friday and Saturday Night Dances over three week's time.

Offering to help her with the chore of tending her small property, we cautiously began to reacquaint ourselves.  With the soil of Sally's home beneath my finger nails, I have become unashamedly her companion in church and in public.

Writing this update in Sally's kitchen, am pleased to discover VERISON Wireless service in Cherry Street Hollar.

Sally seems to be smiling just a wee bit more these days.

Her elusive sleep is returning as I have begun to read to her carefully selected passages from the BIBLE.

Without long term commitments, Sally says she is comfy wearing my ring...two old people looking to find acceptance together in a sometimes cruel difficult world.

* * * * * * * * * *

Photos and things falling from shaken bushes will return to our blog in regular updates to follow.

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Ronalee said...

Lee and I are so happy you have found a lady. I'm sure she is happy, too.