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Monday, April 27, 2015

POST 1454; CHERRY HOLLOW, WV; 4/26/15

This weekend I was given the privilege to walk some 16 miles from HURRICANE, West Virginia to PORTERSVILLE Baptist Church near the home of Sally.  Following MUD RIVER, Mud River Road leads South toward the village of HAMLIN.

The roadways in this region are said to receive maintenance every six years or so, leaving pot holes, crumbling asphalt,and general disrepair.

Having not walked a long distance for several weeks, my old body still performed well, maintaining a bit over 4 mph, reaching Sally's church in 3 hours - 59 minutes.

Some photographs along the way help understand the endless hills and valleys predominating this region...

Private suspension bridge spanning the MUD RIVER.

Two weeks ago the trees were void of any leaves.

"Hillbilly" homes are found at close intervals along Mud River Road.  "Hillbilly" is used loosely.  Residents are of upper middle class...many properties truly beautiful and well maintained.

Limited agriculture is visited with a few ranches offering cattle, goats, fowl an other smaller animals offering comfortable subsistence.

Roadways are all too often in need of attention. 

Mud River is often turbulent, although the muddy waters are often tranquil slow moving.

Older barns and smaller out buildings abound.

Once  thriving Country Stores here and there remind of bygone days of penny candy and pickle barrels.

Local dogs love to make like they aim to enjoy a bite or two as I walk past.  A few kindly inviting words quickly turn them into curious friendly critters.  NEVER has any animal threatened me.

Churches are like beads on a string-along Mud River Road...spaced 4 to 5 miles apart .

Intersection of Salt Rock meeting Mud River Road.

A new bridge being built over Mud River.

Suspension walking bridge to a private residence on the opposite side of the river.

(r. - l.)  Sally, Daughter Suzy, and Grand Daughter Anna preparing after church family dinner.  I was allowed to prepare the green salad, mix up the corn bread fixin's, and wash the dirty dishes and clean up after.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow - Tuesday, I travel to Columbus, Ohio, driven by our friend James, to travel by air to Portland, Maine, to fetch SPIA.  Driving back to West Virginia, will stop at a number of interesting places in Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C.,  and Virginia; photographing and blogging as I go.

Should return to Sally early next week. 

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Anonymous said...


real nice to see you writing agine
keep up the good work and keep those ladies happy and be carefull on your trip to get spia. your blog keeps me real interested in your travel and the people you meet, thanks for everything
Robert from Bruneau