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Friday, April 24, 2015


Seems my life has been topsy turvy these past months wintering over in West Virginia.  'tis now Spring time, albeit still unseasonally wet and cold.  It has come to pass that SPIA (1995 Mazda MPV) must be fetched from storage in Portland, Maine.  THIS I will do in the next few days...perhaps flying to Portland...perhaps taking the Greyhound Bus...perhaps walking SAM and ME.  One thing is certain:  I WILL return to West Virginia where awaits a beautiful lady with whom I have come to know and love without measure.

A pictoral story line follows taking us through recent days during which I have risen to highest highs and fought to hold on by fingernails during those blissful moments.

Most recent snow storm...barely melted by Easter Day.

The home of my Host, Dallas Lovejoy...who has found love and tenderness at 79 years...a lady "sent by GOD" to fill their Senior years...

Dallas enjoys wide ranging contacts

Dallas (r.), James (l.) of the 81st Airborne Glider Fighting Force, who landed BEHIND German lines in France on D-Day, 1944 ...  James is 96; ... and Rob, our mutual Senior friend enjoying quiet moments at HURRICANE (village) Senior Citizen daily Lunch

Oil train from North Dakota passing through HURRICANE.  A 100 + oil tank car train recently exploded not far from this spot.  Senior Building is behind the camera, only a hundred feet or so from the train tracks .

Dallas is DEACON of this Seventh Day Adventist church located on Pea Ridge, Huntington, West Virginia.  I often attend services with Dallas each Saturday here, which is to be the site of his marriage to Carol in the near future .

CULLODEN OPRY HOUSE Saturday Night Dance.  Final dance includes a circle of dancers holding hands to a musical prayer. 

4th Avenue passing in front of Dallas' home.  White area is remnent of 8 tons of gravel which I used to build a turning and parking space.  Yes, shovel full by shovel full.

Near Centurian next door neighbor to Dallas.

CAROL...Dallas' Betrothed.

KAREN..., close friend of Carol.

(r. - l.)   Carol and Dallas; Joe and Susan, and Johnny, Carol's Brother.

George, Bell Ringer of the Portersville Church near the home of Sally.  Together with Sally, I have the pleasure to attend services Sunday and Wednesday.

SUZY, ANNA and JACQUALIN, Daughter and Grand Daughters of Sally

Sally and daughter SUZY entering church together.

My adored lady, Sally.  Sally and I worked an  entire day manicuring her property.  Sally, frail as she appears worked like a tiger with that weed eater.

Home of Sally with Cherry Creek flowing thru

Sally on her back porch...wearing her (my) (tiny) Birthstone Ring. 

Sally's view of Daughter SUZY's home some hundreds of feet away.

MIKE, Suzy's Husband (Sally's Son In Law) clearing away the rocks and soil which fell onto their drive from the steep hillside next to their home.

CHERRY HOLLOW ROAD taking the "back way" to the village of HAMLIN on the opposite side of BUFFALO RIDGE.

SOCCER Saturday on the fields of HAMLIN High School.  Anna and Jacqualin both play soccer...

SUZY (r.) and JENNIFER coaching their children's soccer team.   Jennifer with the song-bird singing voice.

Sally holding DOMINO...SPYDER at her feet.  Parrot, AUSTIN, is chattering away inside.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sally has become my reason to be.   Together she rises above a lifetime of hurt.  Sharing much of life's pains, our moments together have lifted us both ... me to a new understanding with GOD ... she, blossoming to a smiling radiance absent much too long.

I know not if Sally will accept me into her heart.  Her hurt is deep.  She says I am all she has prayed for. 

I have been taken to this place no less than four times in my 12 crossings walking America. 

Having found Sally, accepted or not, I will remain close by.

For Sally, I have learned to pray.

With Sally I have come to understand that all things helping me walk these 27,000 miles have been under the guidance and protection of GOD, where I remain as I strive to become worthy to share the short time we may be granted.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lady Bruce. better hang on to her!! Auntie E

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Bruce, but I can't understand how you can place your trust in this lady. She dumped you once, without notice, to be with another. When that didn't work out she came back to you. She's using you. When the next guy comes along, or even the other guy comes back, you will be dumped again and your heart will be broken. Again.


H in PR