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Sunday, July 19, 2015

POST 1461; BELLINGHAM, WA; JULY 19, 2015

My how time flies. 

After helping Bob move into his home, have donated nearly three weeks clearing the jungle of berry vines, strangling ivy, and miscellaneous weeds reaching the prodigious height of some eight feet, my task is complete.

On Tuesday, July 21, I plan to leave Bellingham, heading for the East Coast before Winter sets in.

Bellingham Bay...the last undeveloped deep water harbor (in America ?).  Work is set to start to change the water front and adjacent city neighborhoods - donated by Georgia Pacific to the city of Bellingham.

Bellingham, already one of the world's most desirable small cities, is about to become a major destination.

Fairhaven District offering turn of the century finest in just about every desirable finery, is the home of Bob Young.

Treasures abound in hidden alleys and main streets...Bob has treated me to many culinary delights...surpassed only by the profusion of breweries and chic residents and tourists.

Looking West to Lummi Island some seven miles distant offers the first of 172 San Juan Islands harboring the worlds largest octopi, the worlds clearest cleanest salt waters
offering year-round boating.

Wednesday Farmer Market is only one of Fairhaven gathering spots.

Offering ...

...and the world's primary source for well as numerous delightful fruits and veggies/

...and it is true local skiing begins in late October ending with SKI TO SEA...our 80 mile relay race from our local Volcano, Mt. Baker on skis, racing bicycles, river canoe, mountain bike, and ocean racing kayak...ending in Bellingham Bay.

Wall Mural in Fairhaven.

Bellingham Eye Candy

Neighbor Hood Party...

Bellingham...a music lovers paradise.

JITTERBUG on the streets of Bellingham.

Home of Bob Young...after removal of most of the jungle growth during recent 5-year of rental activities.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday should see SPIA and ME on our way back to fetch SAM, garaged in Culloden, West Virginia.  I plan to winter over again with Dallas, who is putting up the good fight against the nasty Diabetes.

Current routing is via Seattle, Portland, Boise, Yellowstone National Park, Scottsbluff, Ogallala, then via US Highway 30 to again visit Sister Carol in DeKalb, Illinois.

...followed by Indiana, Ohio and Culloden, some 2,600 miles from Bellingham.

Should be blogging daily.

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