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Friday, July 24, 2015

POST 1463; BURNS, OREGON;JULY 24, 2015

Today we traveled with SPIA from central south Washington State across Oregon State to the western border of Idaho, where plan to stay the night in the LOVES Truck Stop at Ontario, Oregon.

Making many stops to visit an air museum, small businesses and family members, our new attempt to continue and enhance some six years of producing our blog seems to be a worthy effort.

MADRAS, Oregon Air Museum features nearly two dozen World War Two WAR BIRDS ...nearly ALL in flying condition.

Above is the P-39 AEROCOBRA fighter aircraft.  The Red Star of the Soviet Union appears on the fuselage as this aircraft was enroute to Russia when it crashed ... later recovered from a lake bottom, fully restored, and now on display ... at the $9.00 entrance fee.

One of thousands of semi trucks traveling America's roadways.  Passing within 6 inches of my right elbow emphases the danger and excitement of walking across America.

US Highway 26 approaching magnificent Mt. Hood some 60 miles East of Portland, Oregon.

Mt. Hood peeking above the distant evergreen covered hills.

The American Flag reflection from lying on SPIA's dashbord.  Apologize fo my carelessness.

Bridge on US 26 over a deep gash in the desert some 35 miles East of Mt. Hood.

Looking into the Gash of MILL CREEK.

Highway 26 as it begins to drop into the mountain valley of Warm Springs, Oregon.

From the Canadian Border, some dozen majestic Volcanoes rise into the crystal Pacific Northwest skies as does this central Oregon beauty.

...and a few miles further South lies yet another.

Much of Central Oregon is "High Desert" country where every tree is precious.

More WWII restored - in flying condition - military aircraft on display at the MADRAS, Oregon Airport.

B-25 Bomber as used by Jimmy Doolittle's 1942 raid on Tokyo.

US Navy shipboard aircraft used folding wings to squeeze maximum number of planes on board the US Aircraft Carriers fighting Japanese forces during World War Two.

Crop Duster aircraft still used today.

Historic HAMPTON STATION on US Highway 20 exactly half way between Bend , Oregon and our destination of today, Burns, Oregon.

US 20 as it approaches BURNS, Oregon, home of my Daughter and family.

Son in LAW, BEN, surveying  the family property 20 miles South of BURNS, Oregon.

Double Wide home of Monica and Ben, fronted by their veggie garden about to deliver a bumper crop.

BEN's toys !

Many types of useful - and VERY USED - farm machinery patiently awaiting Ben's magic to put them back into operation.

MALHEUR REFUGE is a vast waterway for migrating waterfowl sited immediately below Ben and Monica's vast sagebrush property.  Normally many square miles huge; today, July 24, 2015, one can find only a few tiny pools of liquid gold ...WATER.

Following the lead of MOST of America, fresh water at MALHEUR REFUGE has disappeared.

BEN's modest fresh water well is showing signs of SALT.  Next door farms equipped with numerous "Rotary traveling sprinklers have "helped" lower Ben's well water level by 6 feet in the recent couple years.

Please say HELLO to Grand Daughter, KAITLIN and 1-week old RICHARD.

Please say HELLO to Grand Daughter, JESSICA with family, Husband KEN and children (my Great Grand Children), TYLER, KAIRI, and wee EMMA

Please say HELLO to Grand Daughter JENNIFER with 7-month old ANIKI.

Last GAS for 68 miles as one leaves the MALHEUR Valley on US 26 East.

* * * * * * * *
In the morning we continue our current trek toward YELLOWSTONE National Park and beyond.

As too often happens, $$ is once again going the way of farmers water wells...becoming somewhat scarce.

WE are, however, OK for now.

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Rodney Hess said...


When and if, you travel through Ohio, please be sure to stop at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, just off I-75. You will thoroughly enjoy that huge, magnificent display of air craft, of all ages, including the original plane built by Orville and Wilbur Wright, and flown at Kitty Hawk. Our farmer friends from Piqua, Ohio have taken us there several times. What a wonderful, wonderful display. Also, a huge I-Max theatre for shows.