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Saturday, July 25, 2015

POST 1464; W. YELLOWSTONE; JULY 25, 2015

Today I used up another of my dwindling supplies of lives.
I crashed SPIA and lived.

At 75 miles per hour, I fell asleep, allowing SPIA to cross oncoming traffic lane, fly off the 15 foot bank, smashing down on the side of the bank, nearly rolling over.

Through the entire maneuver, I , securely strapped in, gained control of SPIA, experiencing each moment in true slow motion.

Bouncing over clumps of desert plants, I let SPIA coast to a stop, motor still running.  A dense cloud of dirt and dust enveloped us.  I got out, surveyed vor damage.  Finding none, got back behind the wheel and drove back to the roadway embankment.  Being much too steep and high to climb back to the asphalt roadway, I drove first one way   ...  then the other way. 

After driving the rocky desert a mile or more, found a sloping spot where I gunned SPIA's motor, flying over the final four foot high steep spot ... and plopped back on to the roadway.

SPIA and ME both seemed uninjured, so let her run at 65 mph the final 25 miles to the city of IDAHO FALLS.  Had SPIA inspected, discovering both shocks broken or bent.  SPIA can still be driven, although with the alignment surely to wear out the front tires.

There are some saying I am being closely looked after.   No arguement from me on that score.

Highway 20 from Mountain Home to Idaho Falls, some 200 miles of desert mountains and valleys.

Water Water Water ..a problem every where in America.

MOON Crater Park....many miles of lava fields, simulating a Moon Scape.

Dropping down into the valley leading to Idaho Falls.

The distant mound (small mountain) is where I allowed SPIA to fly off the roadway.

* * * * * * * * * *
Both front shocks must be replaced soon on SPIA.

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skeeterraz said...

Bruce you need to be careful and take more time to sleep.