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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

POST 1470; TWIN FALLS, IDAHO;08-12-15

After a peaceful sleep inside SPIA at Prosser, Washington, drove from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM, crossing part of Washington State; crossing ALL of Oregon State and 3 / 4 of Idaho State on I-84 ... finally coming to rest at the town of Twin Falls. 

Have chosen Twin Falls as there is a LES SCHWAB Tire Company located there (here).  After our accident, LES SCHWAB (in Bellingham) replaced SPIA's Front Struts checking the associated tires (for balance, etc.) and other related running gear.

Today, SPIA developed a "shimmy", which if untended will surely cause tires to wear out, and cause potential failure elsewhere. 

In the morning, will be first in line at Twin Falls LES SCHWAB to have the entire assembly checked to verify the work done in Bellingham and correct it if necessary before continuing on to West Virginia.

Rested many times during today's drive, which has been just the way we like it:  un eventful.

Thank you for the kind comments from Bellingham and Culloden.

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