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Friday, August 14, 2015

POST 1472; KEARNEY, NE; 08-14-15

Today has been  12 hours behind the wheel of SPIA, who performed with authority from Laramie, Wyo. to Kearney, Nebraska under a hot Sun.  Took lots of rest breakes with a 1.5 hour sleep squeezed in.

We are settled for the night, having enjoyed once again the friendliness and good food of PIZZA HUT.

The above hand bill advertises for Skinny, Wiry under 18 years old, Boys willing to risk death ... preferably Orphaned.  It is said Buffalo Bill voluntered for this job   ...   Pony Express Rider.

Today, I visited one of the last two surviving ORIGINAL Pony Express Stations, both located in Kearney, Nebraska.

One Station is situated in the Kearney City Park and was crowded while I was there.

Pony Express Ironwork proudly displayed among tree branches at the Park entrance.

Pony Express Founders.  The Pony Express operated for 18 months between Kearney and Sacramento, California.

The Road To ZION, displayed inside the Station.

1854 Pony Express  Station Sign

Visitor Sign In Book.

Present Pony Express Station Manager, Norma, a life long resident and teacher of the area.

BOOK:  PONY EXPRESS available in the Station.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has come to pass that Sister Carol and I agreed we will curtail my visit to see her in DeKalb, Illinois ... due to time constraints and pocketbook thinness.

SPIA and ME will therefore divert via Kansas City, thence route I-70 and finally I-64.  Our destination, DALLAS' Culloden, W. Virginia, actually shares the same tiny piece of land; i.e., I-64 passes next to the driveway of Dallas.  Should arrive "Home" by Sunday, in plenty of time to assist Dallas before his knee replacement surgery.

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