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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is time to share some details about our new (1987 NEW) Motor Home.

Driving back to Bellingham to manufacture and replenish my blood supply, I was 'CELL'N' with my l'il Sister Millie, who lives in KNOXVILLE, Tennessee.

Hold on, Sis...Gotta hang up...just saw a road sign for RV AMERICA...says they have the largest indoor RV display in the Country.

We hung up...I took the exit at pretty high speed, hung a right and pulled into the RV AMERICA lot on I-25 North in LOVELAND, Colorado.

"May I help you?

Typical Senior response..."Yes...the Men's Room, right back."

Whew...thanks...I'm Bruce...etc...walking...etc...and I need a small Motor Home to help me walk to Key West.

Yeah, sure...Kevin...would you help this ...Gentlemen ( didn't impress that guy, shoved down a tier, I think).

Kevin listened

Yes, Bruce, I have just the Motor Home you are looking for...gets up from his desk and leads me out into the lot...Motor Homes of every size, make, and design...never saw so many choices.

Here we are . These Motor Homes are all priced in your $$ range...2 - $3,000.

I must say, Kevin hit the nail on the head...before us sat 4 or 5 really nice looking Type 3 Motor Homes...all used, but in beautiful condition.

I was looking for one a bit smaller...kinda like that one...pointing at the Toyota DOLPHIN parked at the head of the row.

Well, yes, the Dolphin is VERY much in demand. This Motor Home is higher, however than you are looking is $5,000.00. My Manager has already turned down offers for less than $5,000.

Disappointed, we return to Kevin's office. All sales offices are beautifully appointed - most with a couple hundred photographs of Motor Homes with grinning couples standing in front - new happy owners I figured.

Kevin and I take our conversation to other things...eventually I give him a SAM & ME card...he pulls up "SENIORS WALKING"...and for 5 minutes forgets I'm there.

Say, Bruce, - he finally remembers me - ...let me go chat with the right back...

OK, The Owner says for your walking effort, he will reduce the price to $4,000.

We chat for another half hour.

Kevin is chatting away about something important - to him- ...I casually take my AmEx card out, slide it across his table...

Take my Credit Card...Run it through for (final price is not for public knowledge)$____.__ and it's a deal.

Off goes Kevin, my card in hand. He is gone for at least 15 minutes.
Kevin returns, hands me back my AmEx Card, casually sliding official looking papers across his table to me...

You just STOLE that Motor Home...(True, it was made out for considerably less than the asking $5,000.00).

I signed the papers & slid them back over to him..

Oh, by the way, I won't return for at least 30 'bout you store my new Motor Home and SAM's trailer til I get back.

Bruce...we Can't do that...

OK... I reach for the papers I just signed...

Kevin picks up the documents...OK, ever need a job.....

30 days later, I sit in my Mobile Home parked in a cozy "Sam's" RV resort, writing this evening's Blog.

Oh, by the way...MH has a name...offered by (no name) one of Suzanne's Students In Detention, Bellingham...a group of teenagers held in detention ( ...I have no idea. why...) who, as a group, have been "followers" of my Blogs since I wrote the first one many month's before I took the first step from under The Peace Arch.

"SPIA" for (in the student's own words...SENIORS PERFORMING INCREDIBLE ACTS...

I think SPIA is a good name...a tribute not to me, but to "SENIORS". Thankyou.

Some Specs:

1987 Toyota 4-cylinder Automatic; Dual rear wheels; Front Disc & Shoe on Drum rears.
The Box "Home" is 21 feet. It has Propane Hot Water Heater for Shower, Kitchen & Bathroom.
Refrigerator is LARGE, AC 120 and / or Propane. Stove is 4-Burner & LARGE Oven with Propane. Queen Bed is Over-The-Cab. Settee opens for sleeping two, and couch opens for sleeping one (i.e., sleeps 5).

It sports storage galore. All woodwork is beautifully finished...AND EVERYTHING FITS. All windows have sliding panels backed by screens. Three ceiling vents open with screens. An Air Conditioner is included. All windows have Venition Blinds and or curtains.

Everywhere one looks there is a highly efficient overhead or sidewall light.

Stereo Speakers are mounted over the settee & couch.

The Outside of the Toyota and "Home" is like nearly new...not a scratch or dent to be found. In fact, the Outside is ALMOST as sheik as the Inside...Almost, but not quite. The inside is pristine..finished and polished in every detail. AC and DC outlets abound, Light floods every corner. Cushions could have been manufactured last week, not in 1987.

Today, Toyota, Ft. Collins, Colorado, went through the motor and transmission...found a itty bitty oil leak on the front crankshaft could use a tune-up (when I get some $$ )...(set me back $42.00).

Then took it to T & T Tires, Loveland, Colorado, checked and rotated all tires (tread is Good To Go), and all brakes have over 50% of the pads remaining with the Discs & Drums in Good Condition (set me back $20.00).

In short, We have a gem on our hands.

Hope I'm worth it.

Hope Jodi enjoys it. We will find out tomorrow. Jodi arrives from Phoenix at Noon sharp.

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