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Friday, September 24, 2010


It is Friday evening, September 24, 2010. I have been in Bellingham for nearly one month recovering from significant blood loss during the recent walk over the Rockies and Great Plains. I now feel GREAT.

Tomorrow morning I leave home at 6:00 am. My initial destination is CHELAN, Washington. Chelan is on the East slopes of the Cascade Mountains, sitting on a long deep lake, Lake Chelan. Nearby is the Columbia River with Grand Coulee Dam upstream a few miles. Chelan is also in the great fruit growing region of Washington State.

At 9:00 am, begins the Reunion. After Sunday Morning Breakfast, I will drive South on US 97 to I-84 and then to I-82. I plan to overnight Sunday in Adrian, Oregon (near Boise, Idaho) with Ed & Lee, then on Monday to Rawlings, Wyoming. On Tuesday, I plan to arrive in Loveland, Colorado at RV AMERICA where awaits my 1987 Toyota "Dolphin" Motor Home.

Wednesday morning, I have an appointment with Toyota, Ft. Collins, Colorado to go over the engine and drive train, including lubrication, filters, hoses, clamps, exhaust integrity, lights, etc. Wednesday afternoon, T&T Tires of Loveland gets the MH (hey, we need a, please) to check the suspension, tires and brakes.

Thursday, Jodi arrives at noon at the Denver Airport, having flown (with her bicycle) from PHOENIX, Arizona. She will hitch a ride with rodeo friends to RV AMERICA to join me. We will drive the Van and SAM's Trailer to her friends ranch for safe keeping for a month or three.

On Friday, Jodi and I are on our way in our Motor Home to the wee lake on our old friend US 287, 20 miles North of Lamar, Colorado. From there, I resume my walk to Key West.

Jodi plans to drive on to Lamar, take her bike down off the MH and ride back up US 287 to find me. Together, we will walk/ride to Lamar...not to spill the beans, but Jodi will soon(among MANY other exciting things) manage a ladies-only bike trek coast to coast.

I am extremely eager to finally meet Jodi. We have spoken a time or two on the cell, have e-mailed a number of times, and seem to have a "fit" in many areas. We shall see.

I have a thumbnail of Jodi. I am duly impressed...not fair...I am VERY impressed with this lady of many and varied accomplishments and ongoing activities...taking time out from her full and demanding life to accompany, drive, and watch over me to Key West and back to Denver.

Got a sneaking feeling good things are about to happen.

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