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Friday, September 10, 2010

RAIN, $$, RAIN $$

Rain may not be everyone's Forte', however, Rain has its advantages.

Pacific Northwest Forests are mostly green and carry a low fire danger rating - East of the Cascades exempted because of the extreme dry conditions normal to the Desert over there.

Water rationing is stilll required - my community requires "alternate day watering"-, because lots of folks like to have those "Green" lush lawns to show off to their neighbors. More and more folks are, however, foregoing the watering cycle for the nice "brown" grass of Summer. It comes back "green" when the rain returns in September, which it is now doing.

A few years ago, I, too, wanted a nice "green" lush lawn for an event. By the end of the Summer, my water bill averaged $300.00 per month. Kinda dumb, don't you think. So, the lawn is a nice lush "brown" this Summer.

I have been in Bellingham one week today (Friday). I visited my Primary Doctor last Saturday immediately upon my return from Lamar, Colorado. It took until yesterday morning for the "system" to get around to taking my blood samples...only to be advised that Bellingham has no facilities for blood samples must be sent to Oregon for testing; WHAT ?...what is the problem in I lose an additional week - add in the week end - waiting for the "system" to work.

When I supported Obama for President, he asked for "suggestions" for his administration to embrace. I wrote Obama that my suggestion for Federal Health Care was for EVERYONE from Conception to Ashes, to receive FREE OF CHARGE, any and all "routine" preventative procedures for any and all medical conditions. The Medicare + Supplements to kick in only AFTER the Preventative Maintenance processes were completed.

After all, we would NEVER think to let our Car go without Preventative Maintenance. We would NEVER think to let our Home go without Preventative Maintenance. We would NEVER allow our Toys (Boat, Airplane, ATV, RV, etc. etc.) to go without Preventative Maintenance. Why in the world would our Government allow it's citizens to go without that same Preventative Maintenance. If you are going to throw Billions $$ at a problem, for crying out loud, put those $$ where they do the most good...Preventative Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance identifies problems before they become acute. Non acute problems cost a heck of a lot LESS than treating a previously unidentified condition that could/would have been identified with routine and LIFELONG Preventative Maintenance.

What has this to do with my walk? It is the reason I sit here in Bellingham, waiting for the System to do it's thing, instead of being out on the road where I belong, and avoid writing these stupid comments.

I let the System do it's work for 2 days to get my reports from Lamar ER. When I, in abject frustration, took the matter into my own hands, I HAD HARD COPIES IN MY HAND WITHIN 30 Minutes. Attitude has a Lot to do with the System.

I fully expect the System is going to have some repercussions on me and my outspoken comments. So be it. I'm an old guy. I report what I see. I spent lots of years trying to make a difference...little good it did.

Now I just observe and report. Some still criticize me for my "disinterest" in the welfare of others...i.e., "...why, Bruce, do you not do something about that"...
I am on a different road... I am NOT out here to change anything.

I try to observe and share my observations on this blog.

Shaking the Tree DOES sometimes get an apple or two.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, Keep up the fight. You need protein, fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed foods. As for free health care, nothing is free and when the government gets involved costs really go up.