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Monday, January 10, 2011


WHATCOM FALLS PARK - Salmon Fish Ladder on Right of Bridge to Hatchery

WHATCOM FALLS PARK - A separate trail - see below on left - has NO stairs.


SAM has received her new RED batteries. Three upgraded 15 amp hour (old set was 12 amp hour) batteries have been installed and charged up. Charge-up was NOT easily accomplished.

The new RED batteries refused to accept any charge. Checked out all wiring and connections...still no charge reaching the batteries. Spent a couple hours driving in the new Bellingham snow looking for wire and connectors, intending to change out the wiring for fear of possible "short" or broken connection. (Did not change out the wiring, but now have plenty of spare parts)

Plugged in the battery charger again...still NO charge reaching the batteries.

As it happened, ordered a new battery charger 2 weeks ago for back-up. Plugged in the new charger and viola...charge reached new RED pack at 41 volts. Let it cook overnight and this morning (Monday, January 09, 2011), RED is charged at 39 volts.

Belatedly, put the old charger on the volt meter...whaddyaknow...putting out only 18 volts, not the 36 volts needed. Old charger must have a defect.

Yes, stupid, I know. Should have checked the old charger immediately....but am learning.

So, SAM is ready to roll. SPIA is nearly loaded...also ready to roll.

Now, if Mother Nature will just cooperate. Snowed yesterday. Only 2 inches, but it froze last night and the snow is hanging around. More snow is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday later this week.

SAM cannot negotiate departure is - for the reason of snow - delayed.

BUT, that may be minor to what else is happening.

About midnight last night, back of My head began to swell and itch. Damn Damn Damn. This morning, the entire back of My head is swollen and itching like crazy. This is not just bumps here and there...this is the entire back - side to side - from bottom of skull to halfway to the top.

And, as this is being written, swelling is growing, starting to cause some pain.
Have a bad feeling about this.

Yesterday, ate two cheese peanut butter or nuts for last 2 weeks.

Something very strange is going on...all starting last Summer in Lamar, Colorado.

Have a Dr. appointment Tuesday at 11. Don't believe it will wait that long...anyway, cannot afford to return to Dr. E.V. Some time ago she dropped out of the Medicare program, saying she could not afford it...and she must be paid in FULL at time of each visit. First visit of 15 minutes cost $135.00 - out of pocket on the spot. Asked for a receipt to submit a claim to Medicare...she says, "OK, but will do no good...since I (she) dropped out of the Medicare Program, none of my (her) client claims to Medicare will be honored..." (paraphrased). This revlation AFTER My 15 minutes were up.

Went to Dr. E.V. as the referral to a "specialist" by Primary Doctor, Dr. R. All she did was prescribe more CIPROFLOXACIN - same medication as prescribed by Lamar ER last Summer.

Simply put, cannot afford that kind of medical care.

On the other hand, this swelling / itching foolishness MUST be eliminated.

A real problem.

Took a long walk a couple days ago through Whatcom Falls Park to get SPIA, SAM, and the Van all home from SAM's (old) Place.
Whatcom Falls Park has excellent trails - including old railroad right of way -.... nice pics, if I say so myself.

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