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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


After 75 years allergies may have entered the equation.

Prided in never being allergic to anything...animals, food, plants, medicine, other folks...but a new era may have begun.

Last Summer's two month walk near non-stop 30 - 40 miles per day @ 4+ mph in over 100 F. temperatures at 5,000 - 8,000 foot elevations. Biggest problem was being NOT hungry together with drinking excessive quantities of water and electrolytes. In addition to the blood deprivation, an itchy / bumpy head became prominent.

Thinking back, a peanut butter bagel or three was always in the backpack...devoured en route - see Blog WAMSUTTER - RAWLINS. Then upon ending each day's Walk, a few spoonfulls of peanut butter were sometimes "dinner".

A never-before itch with lumpy scalp occurred concurrent with ER discovery of blood quantity deficiency. Antibiotics were prescribed. The itch/swelling disappeared within 36 hours.

A month of rest following ER proclamation of NO MORE WALKING until blood recovers, was without peanut butter...instead, good plentiful food recovering back in Bellingham; i.e., itch and swelling did NOT return...

U_N_T_I_L...returning to walk (with Jodi driving SPIA), both itch and swelling returned the very first day...which, of course included the routine of peanut butter and bagel.

Returned to the same ER in Lamar, Colorado, which prescribed more antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin).

The itch went away and with Jodi's admonitions, peanut butter was not allowed.

Upon return to Bellingham, the itch / bumps came and went. Ciprofloxacin pill took them away in 24 hours or so.

About to start Walk and Roll again, the itch / swelling malady had to be eliminated. New Dr. (dermatologist) one week ago, also prescribed Cipro; but, this time a maximum administration for 2 weeks. Three days ago, decided to do a wee test...ate four spoonfuls of peanut butter...OMG; the scalp exploded with massive bumps and itch.

Now, 3 days later, continuing the Cipro (and not even LOOKING at peanut butter), the itch/swelling is slowly dissipating.

Dr. is certain to be angry with me...heck, I am angry with me. Pretty stupid thing to do.

New subject: CNN today reported on extensive evaluations of Seniors walking. General outcome...faster walkers tend to live longer lives...yeah, I know...just another dumb way to throw away research $$...but then again ??? Sorry, but do not understand how to link that can be found on Facebook @ SAM & ME.

BULLETIN: SPIA now has her carrier for SAM. Picked SPIA up with SAM aboard late this evening...just beautiful and exactly what I asked for. Took SPIA & SAM for a test drive. SPIA handles great... SAM is securely tied down and comfy...Pics tomorrow.

Now for Air Shocks on Thursday. With elimination of itch, SAM/SPIA & ME will be on our way.

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