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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

READY, SET, ....

SAM is comfy on her new home.

SPIA is checked out...all systems are functional.

Supplies are on board.

Weather window opened today.

Tomorrow morning, January 13, 2011, SAM & ME depart Bellingham.

First stop will be the the Peace Arch, BLAINE, WASHINGTON / CANADA border.

Peace Arch is 26 miles North of Bellingham. Following Old Highway 99 South, first night will be in FERNDALE, WASHINGTON, 12 miles South of the Peace Arch.

SPIA will serve as our nightly Motel.

Since ME must also drive SPIA (unless / until volunteer drivers come aboard), SAM & ME will be walking double; i.e., if we entertain NO volunteer drivers, SAM & ME will Walk and Roll 9,000 miles to Key West instead of 4,500 miles one way from the Peace Arch.

Leaving Bellingham is with considerable mixed emotion(s).

Most, if not all, friends and acquaintances have kinda divorced themselves from our Walk and Roll. Not sure why.

Reminds me of the moment JOANIE and I (We married in 1956) boarded an old DC-6 for New York and by ship to Naples, Italy. Joanie was extremely upset leaving Seattle. I remember making the comment that we are not leaving, we are merely going on an extended trip to Italy, creating Page 1 of the next chapter of our lives. Joanie recently passed away. We were married 7 years.

Also reminds me of Son, RONALD. We lived in MAPLE VALLEY, WASHINGTON, on a small farm, raising cattle, pigs, horses, and growing our own veggies. One favorite cow, JOSIE, was a loving critter, loved to lick Ron and TOM (Ron's wee Brother), and would approach ME from behind, pushing her head under my arm - horns and all - wanting to be hugged. Came to pass JOSIE went into the locker. First time out of the the BBQ...Ron, sitting at the Dinner Table, being served his steak, asked..."...WHO is this?"... still brings tears to my eyes...

Life has become a series of losses. Each loss ending a chapter. Each loss beginning a new chapter.

SAM & ME embark on a new chapter in the Morning.

We depart with, as said, considerable mixed emotions.

Joanie would say..."...No problem, Honey; You are simply going on an extended trip to Key West, creating Page 1 of the next chapter of Your life"...

Yes, Joanie, We certainly are...thank you for reminding Me...

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