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Friday, January 6, 2012


Has been quite cold that past 48 hours...down to 19 F. Much too cold to grub out ditches, so did not leave SPIA at all yesterday. Instead, snooped into all boxes, bags, and cupboards to see what was hiding from me. Just like opening presents. Found my long lost telephone book.

Telephoned a few "old" friends. Nice to re establish contact.

Today, Friday, was Food Bank day. Reported in at 8:30 am to do my bit. Was then asked if I would paint the large Dining / Meeting Room. Of course I said yes. It is now 9:00 pm and have worked all day without a break. Have nearly completed the entire room, including taping all woodwork. Have only a bit of "rolling" yet to do.

I am a bit hungry as I did not stop to eat. After 12.5 hours, am not in the mood to cook up something.

Will make up my bed - SPIA is staying overnight at the Food Bank so I can complete the painting before anyone arrives in the morning - and take a trip through dreamland. Always look forward to falling asleep...have much more interesting / exciting time dreaming than ever I do awake.

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