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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Many years ago - seems like a couple life-times ago - riding a Taxi from La Guardia Airport...La Garbage to some...I was reminded by the driver, who, in response to my comment about the nasty recent weather, said, "folks who start a conversation with 'how's the weather' instantly divulge that they really have nothing to say."

Unexpectedly finding the Outer Banks to be cold, wet, and somewhat miserable in winter, I have hesitated - in remembrance of that taxi driver - to say too much about the weather; i.e., the dirth of daily blogs.

For hundreds of days taking hundreds of thousands of steps, I made it my primary mission to post each and every day of my walk.

Arriving in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in late Fall, I found a devastated nearly empty community. Quite frankly, I have been somewhat at a loss for words describing my daily activities...pretty much the same activity each day...Wintering-Over on the way from Florida to the St. Lawrence River...: i.e., have failed to fulfill my daily blog commitment.

Perhaps a big mistake.

If so, I apologize...and will try to do better.

In fact, two new events have entered my daily routine:

1. I have driven - as passenger - to the Northern Outer Banks community of Nags Head to help pick up food items from two local FOOD LION supermarkets supplying Pastor Steve's Salvo (town) Food Bank. I found it fascinating: Both Food Lion stores, upon our arrival (Terry and Me) were met by Department Employees with hotel-like luggage carriers loaded down with boxes of meats, veggies, and pastry items.

Today, I have been asked by Melinda (Pastor Steve's daughter) to once again accompany - this time, Dick - the truck to Food Lion in the morning...normal Friday pickup schedule.

2. Last Monday, Barbara and hubby, Tim, have returned from their recent trip. Barbara phoned me...are you available to help Tim with finishing our new home...? Every day this week, I have donned old grubbers and rubber gloves. Under Tim's expert guidance, I have painted the better part of three rooms, with another three rooms to go.

Except for recently painting the Food Bank/Church Dining/Meeting room, I have not yielded a brush and roller for many a year. Forgot how much I enjoy painting.

When not actually holding a brush or roller, I keep busy scraping the new floor tiles clean or sweeping up. Barbara and I are alike in that when completing a task, our work areas are squeaky clean. Brings back memories of my happy days in the kitchen...when completing meal preparation, not a dirty pan or spoon remained...always have been a "cleaner-upper" as meal preparation progressed.

In spite of my telephone calls to the folks manufacturing SPIA's new front-end carrier, I have received no answer. I am eager to drive to Wachese (town) on Roanoke Island to have the carrier installed. My real concern is that I am eager to once again visit Karen and Craig (and Sons Carson & Noah) in Columbia, North Carolina, which is another 50 miles beyond Wachese.

Karen and Craig have asked me to accept their invitation to consider myself "one of the family", reminding me that the light is always on. Having walked thousands of lonely miles crossing mountains and deserts of America, these two bring tears to my eyes.

I have been sometimes asked...what is the most important moment during my walk...after much thought, I always have come to the same reply...this one!...this moment we two are spending together...there is no moment more precious than the one we are sharing right now.

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