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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Since our last blog on January 19, 2012, I have been fully employed - painting and helping out at the Food Pantry.

Yesterday, Pastor Steve and wife Betty returned from their short trip to Florida. The new truck - which I helped paint - performed with perfection, Betty says. Both expressed pleasure at my effort to paint the church Dining/Meeting Room...was a pleasure and for me, fun.

The home of Barbara and Tim is nearly 100% painted inside. Only two rooms remain, both needing a second coat of paint. Tim is tickled pink with my presence. He has been 6 years - mostly working alone - building their new home, all the while living inside the original two rooms.

I must say, Tim is a perfectionist at his work. Look anywhere inside his new home and see only Quality. Tim is, I think, also pleased to have someone to help him...mostly to chat and accompany him on his morning and afternoon 15-minute breaks (which usually extend to 30-45 minutes), which he insists: " a life-long Union Man, I am accustomed to my breaks".

Both Paul and Les know my feelings about taking breaks (Hi guys).

One great omission in my prior blogs is that Barbara has created delicious lunches and dinners on the days I painted. I have been welcomed into their family of sons and daughters and grandchildren...most of whom drop in during evening mealtime. Am putting on weight to the point I must put some miles in, or visit the clothing store.

and, today, have started Melinda's painting project...painting the railing of -seems like miles - deck railing and unending outside stairways on their 3-story beachfront home. Put in four hours this afternoon - after assisting the Wednesday Food Pantry -. Upon seeing my progress on the top floor railing, received rave review from Melinda.

Just for the record, I mention that ALL my local work-efforts are "volunteer", taking NO $$ from my bosses.

I am just grateful I have been offered places for SPIA and I to park during our Winter-Over.

Have been on the Outer Banks for nearly three months. Original plans were to rest until the first week of February...that plan is now modified because of unpredictable and intensity of nationwide winter storms. I will stay on the Outer Banks for at least one more month.

Two more offers have been received for SPIA to park - complete with electricity and water - whenever we take the fancy.

Tomorrow, will once again tackle the deck railings. On Friday, its off to pick up SPIAs new front-end basket (for spare propane and gasoline tanks)...then continuing to Karen & Craig in Columbia for a few days.

The word is getting around that this old man knows something about painting...would not be surprised to receive another project or two...still much repair to Outer Banks "rental" homes before the arrival of the high season which begins sometime in April or so.

As an aside, the homes - all within a block or two of either the Atlantic Ocean or Pamlico Sound - rent for $5,000 to $12,000 per WEEK ! A nice piece of change for lucky owners.

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