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Saturday, January 7, 2012

POST 537 - 01/07/12: FOOD BANK

What an exciting time the last 24 hours have been.

After posting last night's blog, read a bit from Kindle and went to sleep...not long after - about midnight, a LARGE animal jumped from the roof of the Food Pantry onto the top of SPIA with a big "thunk". I flew out of bed...well, I tried to fly out of bed.

My right foot became entangled with my Duvets - have three of them since it has been cold - and twisted my right ankle, damaging the tendons running from the top of my instep to my shin bone...resulting in a classic shin splint...or perhaps a severe sprain.

The critter dug at the metal roof for about 15 minutes, finally giving up by jumping off.

Believe it was just as well I did not confront it !

Finally rolling out of bed at 4:00 am, my right foot would not support me. The outside ankle bone was swollen. It is now 6:00 pm, and the swelling is much more pronounced...cannot even see the ankle bone ! Ouch !

Of course, I spent the entire day completing the painting of the Dining / Meeting Room. For good measure, I also painted the front entry door and door jamb and scrubbed all the remaining doors - there are four all told - and scrubbed and polished the seven windows (glass and framework) and front & back entry door windows.

Looks rather nice if I do say so.

Malinda also asked me to scrub out the freezers - there are two large uprights - that she defrosted yesterday. So, the Food Pantry now has sparkling freezers.

Can you believe...causing so much damage while in bed. It appears that tonight is going to be a challenge to get some rest. Will take some IBUPROFEN...

Also, did not stop to eat again today...must cut that out !

Tomorrow is Sunday...another food delivery for the Food Bank.

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