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Monday, April 1, 2013


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The cold front passed through Columbia, North Carolina early this morning, bringing the most spectacular Spring day.  Another cold front is dipping into northern North Carolina tomorrow.  35 miles from Columbia the temperature will dip to 30 degrees - below freezing. 

All is ready for SAM and ME to begin our new Odyssey across America just after daybreak in the morning.  SAM is packed up, except for this computer.  No one - including myself - wants us to leave. 

Karen is entering a critical phase of her current cancer treatments...which she has endured for nearly 10 years...sometime tomorrow CT results will be known.  This afternoon Karen asked me if I had my DELTA Miles Card with me...yes, Karen, I have it and am prepared to fly back on a moment's notice.

I asked Karen how is it that I, a complete stranger, have been invited and embraced as a friend and family...she smiled...I collect people, Bruce...once accepted into our realm, you are ours forever.   Yes, Karen collects people...but unlike most of us, she does not let them go...countless of us love her dearly and count ourselves among the fortunate to be with her in spirit if not in person during this, the time when she is preparing to meet us once Karen says..."on the other side".

With a heavy heart, SAM and ME will cross the Scuppernong River Bridge as Sol rises in the East... looking back once more on the White House On The Corner.

Took a stroll with SAM around town this morning, thanking my many new friends and neighbors for accepting me in their town...and saying goodbye for now. 

The Winery was my last stop before returning home.

Inside the Winery is the Coffee Shoppe of Shari and John, pictured in part above.  Among the most pleasant comfy coffee shops in all America.

Please say HELLO to GABRIELLA, daughter of Shari and John.  Gabby lives about 10 miles from Columbia and is dedicated to help Mom and Dad in their new endeavor.

Ordering a Cappuccino, I asked Gabby to prepare it as though she herself were to drink was spectacular!

One block from the Winery is the Columbia home to three sailing yachts...just across the street stands the White House On The Corner.

Please say HELLO to JOSE'.  Jose' hailed SAM and ME as we walked to town.  We chatted for nearly 30 minutes about Jose's wish to travel across as SAM and ME seem to be...alas, his wife recently left him, leaving their children in his, his obligations are first to his children...then perhaps, Jose' will embark on his dream trip.

Hearing more and more...Jose', like so many others, referring to SAM and ME as an inspiration...the reality that there really can be adventure and travel in their the mean time, they follow SAM and ME here on our blog.

...a humbling place to find myself...what better way to enter into old age.

Our objective tomorrow is 28 miles from Columbia...West on US 64 to the home of Karen's friend Pat Dodson, who awaits SAM and ME for the night.

...and so, it begins again...

...for whatever reason, I admit to being just a bit afraid...SAM and ME will, however, do our best to be worthy of your following.

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