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Friday, April 26, 2013


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Oh, Joy!!!

Took a walk this morning to the offices of my renew my heart medication...and to ask if he would make referral to the specialist who does the colonoscopic testing...

...lo and behold, my Cardiologist has moved his offices to another town, some 50 miles distant...although all administrative activities are controlled from Bellingham...and the first available appointment is May 14. 

So, both my ex-Primary and my Cardiologist activities have been rolled into a grand scheme of consolidations...apparently puppeted by Big Brother.  i.e., nothing gets through except as allowed from the "control" group.  Blood tests, for example, are now sent to central Oregon...some 300 miles distant...requiring nearly two weeks to complete lab work.  So, the monster is wonder medical costs are skyrocketing.

Bottom line, however, is that I am being thwarted from proceeding with my needed medical work.  Frustration whichever way I turn.

What ever happened to Ole' Dock...responding to his patent's call, arriving on ole' Dobbin...medical kit in hand...staying for dinner...and accepting two dozen eggs and a gallon of fresh milk in payment. 

My long time sailing buddy, Bob, telephoned this afternoon.  Among other things, we compared notes regarding our recent bouts with various ailments.  Seems we have experienced nearly identical symptoms over the past year, resulting in irregularity, sinus activity, and loss of stamina...suggesting that we may have contracted a virus or some such thing.  Bob has been under a doctor's care all this time...with no results.  I, on the other hand, have been admitted to the hospital(s) In-Patient Care no less than three times (once in the Outer Banks, North Carolina; once in Bellingham, Washington; and most recently in Bedford, Virginia - albeit only out-patient treatment), having received countless x-rays, CT, been denied ANY morsels of food or drink, and rarely seen a doctor...all with the same results...NONE !

In addition, have been informed that my AARP SUPPLEMENTAL Insurance has been cancelled...through no fault of mine...just that AARP has terminated the program to which I was enrolled.  New program options are offering less coverage for more $$. 

I am getting a picture that our medical program(s) are much more interested in maximizing $$ income ...  and let the patient beware !...i.e., keep patients TREATABLE, but by no means implement a CURE.

I know, I'm being sarcastic...and my words are only in part intended to be criticism. 

I am, however, somewhat upset that three hospitals have had a go at me...and still no indication of what is going on...and with my admitted limited $$ resources, a trail of growing hospital bills is following close behind me.  Am reluctant to bite the bullet by signing up with a new doctor...

Perhaps the best solution is to slow down my quest to walk, shaking the bushes, sharing as I go. 

Am arguing with myself...hang around Bellingham, trying to find a reasonable path through the growing bureaucracy...or fly back to Roanoke, retrieve SAM (after gratefully thanking Chuck and Donna), and walk and roll into the dying sunset.

Still looking into the VA (Veterans Administration) option...but that is down the road a piece.

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