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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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Hello All.  Yes, I am OK.  The past three days have found me forging our way North into Virginia...temperatures in the mid 90s on the roadways (official temps in high 80s) we approach the Allegheny Mountain foothills, the narrow roads (no side berms to walk upon, so must walk and roll on the chewed out good today by a passing Sheriff),  are becoming curvy and rolling; i.e., getting difficult to push SAM up the hills.

Three days ago SAM & ME walked and rolled 35 miles.

Two days ago we put 25 miles behind us.

Today we covered another 25 miles.

All in temperatures approaching 100 a rather steady head wind.

Am tonight (Wednesday), in a motel in Keyville...on Highway 40.  As I walked this route last year...and confirmed my locals...I ain't seen nothing yet...from here to the city of ROANOKE about 80 miles to the West, the hills become truly prodigious.

Have stopped many times to visit folks along the way...sometimes taking up to 1/2 hour breaks as I am truly worn out.

Have many photos and interesting folks / events to share, but I am simply too tired to do so this evening...perhaps I can tackle the blog update at 3:00 or 4:00 am during the night.

Have received three (3) newspaper interviews, including one this evening...just concluded. 

Apologize for my shortcomings.

May have to take a day ...or perhaps a 1/2 day off to recover my strength.

SAM is performing as usual...magnificently!


Anonymous said...

Please take all the time you need to recover your self

K said...

Wishing you a good night's rest. Hope they have a nice tub for you. <3

Warren said...

People are still talking about your visit to Jackson. Some folks asked me today if I had heard anything. I told them I hadn't seen a blog update. Glad to 'hear' from you again. Warren