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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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Coming back to my apartment in Bellingham once again has confirmed my long-time realization that it is relationships ... PEOPLE ... that makes life worth living.

I have had the privilege to visit / live in some of the most exotic places on this Earth.  Many people would give a good portion of their life to do so.

Standing before the World's most sacred shrines...the World's most cherished vacation the World's most glorious cities...served by the World's 5-star chefs...surrounded by service and comfort beyond reason...

...all these "things" and "places" become just that:  things and places ...

...when there is no hand to memory to one to whisper secrets ... no fingertip caress in the night...

...all else loses meaning and value.

I cry out...for you...wherever you may be.

* * * * * * * * * *

Learned today that my Primary Doctor has account still owing $70.05...and my "Patient Status" has been terminated because I did not receive the mail notice of the $70.05 amount due, therefore, did not pay it...this after over 25 years as a patient.  Telephone conversation with the "Financial Officer" reveals that payment - plus a $$ penalty - will not assure reinstatement;  i.e., I have no longer have a Primary Care Doctor and cannot proceed with the necessary "referral" to obtain the COLONOSCOPY necessary to pursue my current intestinal problem...and anemic condition. 

I will sleep on this news...

A friend has suggested I contact the VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital as a low-cost non-medicare route.  Tomorrow, I will also look into this option.

After recent weeks of walking into the lives of so many fantastic new friends, it is truly a vacuum here in home for over 25 years.

Have I made a mistake by returning?   Bedford Hospital asked me to stay.

I yearn to push SAM up those waiting Allegheny Mountain Hills...standing together at the peaks...body bursting with energy. 

That cannot be done sitting on the couch in Bellingham...trying to maneuver through the bureaucratic mess of our medical system...$$$

...the whole damn systems runs on and is controlled by $$$...and we are seeing only the tip of the icebergs waiting in the foggy mist shrouding our path

...the parting words..."I wish you well..." are taking on new meaning.

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