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Friday, May 10, 2013

POST 1114; MAY 10, 2013; BEDFORD (Roanoke), VIRGINIA

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My first ride on the new bus service from Bellingham to Seattle was supplanted by the offer from Nephew, Carl, to spend the day (May 08, 2013) together, with Carl's eventual drive to SEA-TAC Airport in time for me to catch my 11:00 pm flight.

From Bellingham, Carl drove us to Seattle.  Click click to enlarge...find the Space Needle in the lower left slot between the sky scrapers.  Behind the camera is the sports complex (SAFECO FIELD - Seattle Mariners; and CENTURY LINK FIELD - Seattle Seahawks) and the twin railroad stations (KING STREET STATION and UNION STATION, serving the old Great Northern Railroad - following I-90; and the Northern Pacific Railroad - following I-80).

Nephew Carl, following in his father's footsteps (my brother RUSSELL), by being a railroad man his entire working life, wanted to visit to recently - one week ago - completed renovation of the Union Station.

First, however, Carl took me on a tour of Seattle Cemeteries, to visit the grave sites of my Great Grandmother Hanna, my Grandfather Leo, and brother Russell...of course, Carl's Great Great Grandmother Hanna, Great Grandfather Leo, and father Russell.

Carl, for over 20 years, has authored a vast family history...going back centuries.

My Father's father, Leo A. Maynard - and stepmother Bertha grave site.

Russell and wife Mary Johnson, Carl's parents (adopted)...and my brother Russell grave site.



Grave site of BRUCE LEE and son BRANDON

Click click to enlarge.  

UNION STATION:  Newly renovated Northern Pacific (AMTRAK) Railroad Station, Seattle.  King Street Station (old Great Northern Railroad) sits directly opposite.

Electric Car "refueling" the parking lot adjacent to King Street Railroad Station.

LIGHT RAIL LINK...rather new Seattle rail system. 

Carl and I decided to make a round-trip from the King Street Station to SEA-TAC Airport.  My "all day" ticket cost $1.50.  Carl's "all day" ticket cost $3.00.

The ride to the airport took 35 minutes, taking a circuitous route - giving residents in nearby neighborhoods inexpensive public transportation to many other parts of Seattle.  

As part of SOUND RAIL SYSTEM, Seattle's Light Rail connects to many nearby towns and cities...all rather new to the Pacific Northwest.

The DUWAMISH RIVER...aka Green River, flowing South to North from the Mt. Rainier (volcano) foothills to Puget Sound near downtown Seattle.

Carl and I also drove to Grandpa Leo's homestead (now replaced by commercial properties) in the Kent valley...then to our "Stump Ranch", where we visited with the new owners.

Dropping me off at nearby SEA-TAC Airport, Carl drove back home in Alger - near Bellingham...while I purchased a paperback while waiting for my flight.  Took off from Seattle at 11:00 pm...arriving in Roanoke (via Detroit) at 11:35 am yesterday now being 7:45 pm, Friday, May 10, 2013.

Today, Carl took me shopping for tomorrow's resumption of the walk and roll SAM and ME will make.  By Tuesday, we should be well into West Virginia...attempting to push SAM up the waiting mountains.

Weather forecast:  Thunderstorms - intermittent with rain...

Oh, fun fun to be back on the road.

Look forward to another peaceful night in the downstairs apartment in the home of Carl and Donna - and father Ray.  I know the 4 dogs and 4 horses will be sad to see me once again leaving...

...returning yesterday, I received a loud (barking - neighing) welcome "home".

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